Has Tiktok Star Hareem Shah Married Mufti Qawi? Here’s The Actual Truth

Hareem Shah nikkah with Mufti qawi

For the last couple of days, social media has seen many different forums serve the same question, has Hareem Shah married Mufti Qawi? The duo was recently seen in an interview on a digital forum.

For years, Mufti Qawi has remained subject to a lot of questioning and shade. His encounter with Qandeel Baloch proved fatal for the social media starlet. Now, the ‘famous’ Mufti’s interaction with Tiktok star Hareem Shah is garnering a lot of attention as well.

An interview hosted by CCTV Pakistan and Daily Qudrat showcased Hareem Shah and Mufti Qawi sat together. Pictures of the interview can also be seen on the internet being used as bait to prove that Hareem and Qawi have gotten married.

Hareem Shah Qawi interview

Source: parhlo

But now it is time to bust the myth for good. The word ‘nikkah’ came from the interview. Hareem had alleged that Qawi had been going around telling people that he had Hareem Shah in nikkah, which is completely FALSE.

Instead, Hareem Shah looked pretty angry at Qawi for making a host of false claims. Hareem went to the extent of saying that ‘Qandeel Baloch died because of Qawi‘ and he had a huge part to play in the incident. The cleric had gone into an interview with Mubasher Lucman and claimed that he had married a ‘Tiktoker’ hinting at Hareem Shah.

Moreover, ridding the rumors of their nikkah, Hareem said she didn’t want anything to do with Mufti Qawi. She said she was happy with the life she was living and did not consider Mufti Qawi important.

Qawi ridicules Hareem in the interview

Mufti Qawi, in a bid to recover, started laughing aloud at the statement. The host then jumped in and said that Qawi had been cleared in the case, but this only agitated Hareem further. She went on to say: “Who are you to make statements against women saying they are ‘behaya’ or are earning through the wrong means?”

Subsequently, Qawi had to shift the blame and so he did. He said that it was the media that had been forcing him to make comments about the duo’s meeting. He insisted that the ordeal had gone so viral, it had become difficult to retract from it.

Apart from this accusation, the session discussed how Mufti Qawi thought he had met Hareem Shah, but hadn’t. He said that some kids had duped him into believing that he was meeting Hareem. The Tik-Tok celebrity went on to deny ever meeting Qawi before this interview.

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