Qatar Ministry Orders Closure Of Mosques Over Coronavirus Threat!

Qatar Closure Mosques Coronavirus

Amidst the havoc instilled by the novel Coronavirus, the Qatar Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs recently ordered the closure of Mosques. The decision follows as a precautionary attempt to be practiced until the global epidemic passes on, and people are safe to pray in public places.

coronavirus mosques qatar

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Qatar’s Decree Of Closing All Mosques!

In the very latest news, the Qatar Ministry highlights that all the mosques within the state will exercise the prorogation of public prayers. Nonetheless, the mosque authorities will observe the rule from the mid-day prayer of ‘Zuhr’, today. The same rule goes with the other four obligatory prayers. And especially, the Friday prayer, where severals from around tend to gather under one roof.

Following, the ministry highlighted the pretext of the orders, stating that their utmost concern is the safety and tranquility of the people coming to pray. Moreover, the decision is formulated in accordance with “maqāṣid al-sharīʿa“. Precisely, this pinpoints the basic objectives of Sharia, which are the “Protection of life and protection of society against harm.

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On a positive note, the Mosques will continue as per routine to deliver the Azaan for every respective prayer. However, the only thing different is that Muslims will be praying in their own homes. Undoubtedly, the decision will stand until and unless the global epidemic ceases.

Mosque In Kuwait Asks People To Pray At Homes!

Recently, a mosque in Kuwait asked the locals to pray at their own homes. On 13th March, an unexpected situation occurred, where a Muadhin of a Kuwaiti Masjid, instead of saying come to mosques for prayer, delivered the Azaan, requesting people to pray indoors, at home.

coronavirus mosques qatar

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Contextually, the Azaan went as it should go. As always perfect, the Azaan called Muslims to pray in entirety. But as it was about to end, the Muadhin instead of saying “Hayya ‘ala as-Salah” (come to prayer) uttered, “Salatu fi buyutikum” (pray in your homes).

Sadly, the novel Coronavirus sustains its woeful mayhem, all around the world. Even the Holy Ka’ba was evicted so that authorities can sanitize the whole area of Tawa’af. The practice is to safeguard the health of people coming to perform their pilgrimages.

It is said, that before the Holy Ka’ba got sealed, the Imam of Makkah cried heart-wrenchingly while carrying out Dua after the Friday prayers. Stating that from the virus’s fear, there was a drastic decline in the number of Muslims attending the prayers. Sadly, the ground, which is always filled with worshippers, is now all desolate!

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