Qarshi’s ‘Rahay Salamat Pakistan’ Anthem Gathers Celebs & Public Under The Green Flag

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Qarshi, one of Pakistan’s largest natural product manufacturers with most reliable brands, came out with a message of national unity on Pakistan Day, 23 March. The message discussed in the anthem not only has a catchy tune, but it also emphasizes the importance of ‘Dua’ for our beloved land, Pakistan.

‘Aur insaan ki bhalai bhi rahay peshe nazar, shaad hai abaad hai mera watan!’ 

The poetry of Qarshi’s anthem is so thought-provoking, yet soothing at the same time. Talking about how, together, united, we need to work towards a more progressive Pakistan. How every Pakistani need to contribute to this greater cause?

The anthem also sheds light on the great sacrifices given to get where we are today, and most importantly, for who we are today. ‘Itni mehnat se mila hai Pakistan!’

During the tough times of today, with Coronavirus (COVID-19) taking over the world, the anthem couldn’t have come at a more suitable time. With millions of laborers out of work, businesses halted, it is up to us to handle this unprecedented situation. For the love of our country, we need to stand united and fight through this pandemic together.

Not only did the anthem appease the general public, but celebrities and influencers alike. Some of the biggest names of our industry supported and promoted the anthem on different social media platforms.

Here’s how our favorite celebrities reacted to the anthem

Actor Aijaz Aslam joined the Rahay Salamat Pakistan team with a beautiful message.

The Bulbulay starlet Ayesha Omar had the video up on her Instagram.

The Sultan of Swing Wasim Akram gave his two cents with the video.

Not just celebrities, but social media influencers paid their tributes too

The famous Ganji-Swag took to Facebook and let Pakistanis know how he felt.

The queen of comedy Faiza Saleem too shared a beautiful message with the video

Influencer Moomal Asif put the video up on her Instagram as well

All these celebrities, just like us, felt the connection of the anthem with Pakistan. No matter wherever in the world they are, they can’t remain away from home, because Pakistan is inside their hearts. Shared by more than 100 bloggers, influencers and celebrities, Qarshi’s Rahay Salamat Pakistan is a showcase of how we’re all one when it comes to Pakistan.

Let us, together, take care of our country and follow guidelines on how to stay safe. Let’s stay indoors, practice cleanliness and maintain social distancing. In tough times like these, we can help our country and its people by following these little steps. Because insaan ki bhalai bhi rahay pesh-e-nazar! 🙂

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