Q-Mobile Advertisement: An Emotional Mislead?

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Emotional gaming is so strong in Pakistan!! The current Q Mobile campaign regarding women empowerment had a great influence and left everyone who watched it in tears!

Well. There’s something note worthy, that might mislead the women of our society.

Sara left the house, without his father’s permission. ‘ABBU SAY BAAT KEE NAHI JATI, BUS SUNI JAATI HAI.‘ The sentence put me in distress. Although, the ad first made me emotionally weak too.


source: youtube.com

Dear Girls, Our fathers are our door to Jannah! There shouldn’t be anything, not even our career worth more than our father. Yes, you can convince him, you can emotionally blackmail him, you can go on a hunger strike too.


Source: www.youtube.com

BUT, never do anything without your father’s best wishes. Anything done that way, sooner or later is going to end in smoke. Believe me, there’s no one who’s more eager to see you growing, progressing and successful than your father. We need to VALUE our relations more than anything else!

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