7 Differences Between Purana Love and Love Aaj Kal!

In olden days love had its own charm… people were simple so were the relationships, unlike today…

1. Communication Through Pigeons

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But Can’t Do That Now Because…


2. When Modesty Was Everything

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But Now Even Brides Be Like…


3. The Norm Was ‘No PDA’

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Now. . .

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4. Pictures Were Meant To Capture Moments




5. Partners Were Willing To Sacrifice Themselves For Each Other

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Now Realized It’s Just Too Big Of a Commitment…

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6. After The Break Up, The Guy …


Today… Jana Hi Tha Tou Mera Itna Time Kyun Waste Kiya

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7. After The Break Up, The Girl…

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Today. . . Shukaaaar!

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