Punjab Wildlife Dept Fails To Catch Man Behind Ongoing Raptor Killings!

punjab raptor killings

Since prehistoric times, hunting has always been a sport for masses. Despite, the sport being illegal in Pakistan, foreigners and even locals are also involved in bestowing inhumane deaths to the wildlife. Sadly, the Punjab wildlife department fails to capture the raptor slayer as he goes on his spree of killing more within the country.

punjab raptor killings

source: birdlifeinternational

Merciless Killing Of Raptors!

Following the video getting viral on social media, it is clearly seen that the sadist man is hell-bent on completing his quest. The identity of the man is still unknown. However, over the time period, the man is responsible for disruption in the species of the velociraptors, particularly in Punjab.

Unfortunately, it is not the first time the latter is torturing a poor bird. The Punjab Wildlife department has reported the same man for annihilating birds of the same species on different occasions.

It is so sick to watch the man beating the hell out of the bird, knowing that the bird is already dead. Moreover, the man alongside his compatriots even sends a message to the activists and Punjab Wildlife Department. His intentions are to continue this merciless torture until all the velociraptors are obliterated from the face of Punjab.

Here is a video of him torturing the poor defenseless bird!

Nonetheless, the Punjab Wildlife is requesting the citizens over social media platforms to help them identify this person. So, the concerned authorities can get their act together to capture this demented person.

Previously, seven Qatari hunters were arrested for hunting Houbara Bustards (Taloor) in Balochistan. Four of them were from the Royal Qatari family. The latter came here with the intention of enjoying a hunting endeavor.

punjab raptor killings

source: americanbirdconservancy

About the Velociraptor Species!

Pakistan houses over 47 species of raptors. With the declining population of the raptors globally, the local specie has also been in the limelight.

Statistics from 2010 to 2018 depict, the velociraptor specie needs work for their conservation, especially falcons and vultures. The Indian White-backed Vulture, Long-billed Vulture, Redheaded are in great peril. Moreover, the Egyptian Vulture, Pallas’s Fishing Eagle, Steppe Eagle are getting close to being endangered. Similar is the case for the Imperial Eagle and the Greater Spotted Eagle.

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