Punjab Police Allegedly Brutally Beat A Young Man And Left Him For Dead At The Hospital In Gojra!

Punjab police have made a name for themselves recently in eye-opening events pertaining to police brutality and torture. The frequency of such cases in Punjab involving officers mercilessly beating people in their custody to their deaths has not only tarnished the already stained credibility of the police agency in Pakistan but has unveiled the dark faces of these goons taking advantage of their position and power.

Yet another man is left to die by the Punjab Police in the city of Gojra.

Four young men who were together were allegedly arrested by the police under the suspicion of being criminals. Omar, who was one of the four, was tortured to the point where he lost consciousness and was reportedly thrown outside the hospital by the same police, who then ran away.

The footage shows an unconscious Omar suffering from some sort of critical seizure.

It is clear that he was badly struck on the head. There haven’t been any further reports on his medical condition and whether he will make it. However, one can only pray that his life is spared by the Almighty and the culprits are shown no mercy. Salahuddin’s death is a stark reminder of the heinous organization.

In another video, a man updates about the incident demanding justice.

He informs that these thugs in the uniforms of police have a history of arresting boys randomly on no charges. They once even demanded more than 2 lac rupees for their release. Even then they tortured the boys and even now, they targeted these innocent souls and unleashed their monstrous aggression on them.

The rest of the boys were released but the police refuse to give a written notice stating that they made the arrests. The man then directs the attention to an important fact that if something happens to Omar, there will be no proof leading to these police officials.

City police SHO was accused of arresting and instigating such barbarity. According to the man, the SHO said that he is the thug of this area.

Omar’s mother vows to kill the officer if her son dies.

The mother says she didn’t even have any knowledge that her son was arrested. He left his work and was here visiting a darbar when the police arrested him and his companions. She came to the City Police Station to meet her son but was refused repeatedly by an officer named Nadeem. The mother accused him to be behind Omar’s critical condition and vows to take revenge if he dies.

She explains how the police didn’t find anything suspicious on these boys and the SHO, on-call has told her that he will arrive in the morning and solve this matter. However, the inspector Nadeem, according to this distraught mother, kept telling her to not report to the media.

This is the real face of the Punjab Police. The ‘Muhafiz’ have become worse than thugs and killers. Their uniform is stained with the blood of innocent. Truly, Pakistan’s integral institutions are crumbling.

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