Punjab Police Finally Arrests Man Responsible For Heinous Crimes Against Children In Chunian!

Usman Buzdar

Among other issues faced by Pakistan, the security concerns of the citizens are reaching a new height as the criminal minds seem to roam freely. The pacy increase in cases related to the humiliation of the minor’s mental and physical deterioration has left the parents helpless because of the unjust treatment by the authorities. Nevertheless, recently, regarding the same issue, good news came in followed by Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Usman Buzdar’s confirmation that a man who was involved in filthy crimes related to children has been arrested by the local police.

Punjab Police finally caught the man involved in the killing of several minors!

Currently, as the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) government is making efforts to stabilize the economic conditions of the country, several other negative aspects are negatively affecting Pakistan to its core. Back in August, three rape cases were reported in Abbottabad in a span of just two days creating panic among the masses. Fortunately, as per recent reports, CM Punjab Usman Buzdar revealed that a prime perpetrator named Sohail Shahzad has been arrested from Chunian for raping and then murdering innocent children.

Here’s what the local news channels have to say about the arrest!

[چونیاں میں معصوم بچوں کو زیادتی کے بعد قتل کرنے والا درندہ گرفتار ] سہیل شہزاد نامی ملزم کا ڈی این اے میچ کر گیا، وزیراعلی پنجاب عثمان بزدار

Gepostet von Ik Fans am Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2019

The huge revelations were made in an official presser of CM Usman Buzdar after the blood sample of the 27-years-old suspect Sohail Shahzad matched with one of the minors who went missing back in June and was later found dead. According to the CM, cold-blooded Sohail Shahzad first abducted four children, physically assaulted them and then brutally murdered them. Further, he assured that the families affected will get justice and the culprit will be punished with severe consequences.

CM Punjab Usman Buzdar’s official press conference regarding the case!

Taking the whole narrative of CM Punjab on the achievement he stated, “Since June 2019, in Chunian, four cases of ‘child missing’ are reported till now who were then physically abused. The names of children were identified by the DNA of the dead body of one child and the bones of the other three. The cement and bloodstains found on the children’s bodies got matched with the DNA of a suspect and his name is Sohail Shahzad, son of Mohammad Aslam and the age of the suspect is 27-years-old. All four killings have been propagated by this serial killer.”

Dunya News

“The case has immediately forwarded to the ATC Court and progress will be checked on a regular basis. We ensure the affected families that they will be treated justly and I’ve personally directed the prosecutor General to handle the case and me, myself will look after it” he added.

Earlier this year, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) MPA Atta ur Rehman allegedly raped and blackmailed a university student in Multan for 11 months. Currently, the country is filled with such sick-minded individuals who use their legit power to pull off their illegal activities. Well, CM Usman Buzdar’s recent take on the situation is a sure positive step towards the elimination of such filthy elements from society and proper measures should be taken to save the country’s young generation.

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