What A Change! Azaan Echoes From A Mosque In London For The First Time

public azaan in london

Amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and Ramadan, call for prayer Azan has been echoed from a mosque in London. For the first time ever, the London government has allowed mosques to recite Azaan on loudspeakers.

This beautiful change in the UK city has brought many people closer to religion Islam. Muslims in London are over the moon with this practice. Many people were seen stopping on the streets and paying respect to the call for prayer. During the Azaan time traffic was also halted for a brief period of time.

Moreover, a few days ago, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) also for the first time broadcasts Azan, across Britain. British-Muslims can now hear the Friday prayers telecast on BBC Radio regularly.

In this era of Islamophobia, maybe the efforts of the BBC is to soothe Muslims across Britain. Furthermore, besides, several rightist groups in Britain alleged that Muslims are behind the spread of coronavirus in the UK. They alleged that the prayers in the congregation led to the expansion of the lethal pandemic.

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The mosques rise again

Today, as the world comes to a grinding halt, the mosques rise again, especially in the European countries. It is offering an opportunity for deepened solidarity through a medium that can touch us even in isolation, uniting us through sound.

Many other European countries are also following the same practice. The Azaan for Muslims was carried out for the first time on loudspeakers in Germany and the Netherlands last month. It is a gesture to show support towards Muslims during the ongoing pandemic.

A public Azaan is arguably an expression of solidarity, rather than tolerance in a country like England. It transcends the usual attempts to reshape Islam via mainstream secular norms. COVID-19 has changed everything, turning our worlds upside down [and for good in this case]. There’s a new normal with each passing day.

We hope that after this all this, people across the globe come out to be better. No hatred, no religious intolerance and violence.


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