Good News For Gamers – Islamabad High Court Orders PTA To Lift Ban On PUBG

pubg unban in pakistan

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has finally ordered the PTA to unblock online game Players’ Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG). The court has approved the petition filed against the Authority’s decision to ban the game in Pakistan.

The decision to lift the ban was announced on Friday by Justice Amir Farooq while hearing a petition filed against the ban. The petition was filed jointly by PUBG players and a local game-control company.

The court ordered to lift the ban ‘immediately’ and also explain the reason for its ban.

PTA on Thursday announced that the ban would remain intact, which also created an uproar on social media. However, IHC has now ordered to lift the ban on an immediate basis. From the past few days, people on Twitter are calling out authorities for imposing the irrelevant ban on an online game.

Some people also asked for the Information Technology Minister Aminul Haque’s resignation for not restricting the PTA from blocking the game.

Federal Science Minister Fawad Chaudhry had also expressed his hope that the IT minister would take note of it and the PTA would be instructed not to encourage such bans as they hinder technological growth in the long run.

Twitteraties celebrating the unban of their favorite online game

Also, there has been massive uproar about banning YouTube in Pakistan after the Supreme Court hinted about the ban on famous video streaming site. Many Pakistani celebrities also raised their concerns about banning YouTube in the country.


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