10 Top PUBG Players In Pakistan 2022

top 10 pubg players in pakistan

We all are aware of the game PUBG and the hype of the PUBG mobile Pakistani community that is increasing day by day. Each of the new days we come up with some new top 10 PUBG players in Pakistan and new talent and they show their brilliant performances in PUBG mobile official leagues. Along with it, they have started their youtube channel and presented their glorious skills over there too, through which they all are gaining fame.

Today in this article we are going to discuss the top 10 PUBG players in Pakistan.

1. Star Anonymous

He is one of the top PUBG players in Pakistan with a huge fan following. His real name is Mubeen and he belongs to Rawalpindi Star anonymous is his PUBG ID. He has his clan known as a star; he used to play the PUBG on iPad; besides it, he also has his famous YouTube channel that he started in 2017 and now has reached millions of subscribers.

 2. Predator

He is the strongest competitor of Pakistan PUBG mobile, he has gained experience by participating in PUBG mobile leagues, and became a professional PUBG player. His real name is Zubair Khan and belongs to the famous city of Pakistan ( Peshawar). He counts as the 2nd famous player of PUBG in Pakistan. On his YouTube channel, he has around 400K subscribers. He is the leader of the FYME clan.

3. Legend Sam

When we talk about the famous Pakistani PUBG player we can’t miss to talk about the 3rd ranking player legend Sam. He is the one who 1st started to upload the PUBG videos on TikTok. He plays PUBG on iPhone 12 pro max and his real name is Sam Malik, who lives in Islamabad. He made his YouTube channel in 2018 and through his talented performance, he built around 150k subscribers on YouTube. Legend Sam is the leader of the famous and well-known PUBG mobile clan of Pakistan named Legend.

4. 47 khalifa

47 khalifa is a popular PUBG mobile player in Pakistan. He is an expert at sniping. The specialty of his videos on his youtube channel is that most of the time they are 1 vs 1 TDM videos. His real name is Osama Qayyum and he belongs to Peshawar. He plays the game on an iPhone XR. On his YouTube channel, he has built around 200k+ subscribers who show their love for him and appreciate his talent. He is the leader of the famous 47 clan of Pakistan’s PUBG mobile.

5. Cute panda

HE is the well-known tiktoker YouTuber and PUBG gamer of Pakistan. The amazing fact is that he is just 11 years old and has made a unique identity by being the strongest and youngest competitor in PUBG. He lives in Karachi. He started gaining fame from TikTok, then he transferred himself to a YouTuber by making a gaming channel on YouTube. He has a YouTube family of around 300k. He plays a PUBG game on iPad and he is the leader of the famous clan known as 2nd Roar.

6. Mr. Jay plays

He has built his identity as a professional gamer and steamer from Pakistan. His real name is Jahanzaib and he lives in the UK. He made his YouTube channel in 2012 and as time passes he has gained around 200k subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has his clan named Raptor and he plays the PUBG mobile on PC. Raptor is a famous clan in Pakistan and he also had a good relationship and bonding with the famous YouTuber Ducky Bhai.

7. Envy plays

he is the famous PUBG TikToker from Pakistan. He has a huge fan base that on his TikTok verified account he had 1M+ followers. The top hashtag #PUBG Pakistan videos are mostly by the Envy plays. His most liked and loved video has 25 million views and 2.8 M likes on TikTok. Up till now, hardly there is any Pakistani PUBG creator who succeeded in achieving this much love and appreciation on a single video.

8. Solo king

His real name is Jawad Ali; he belongs to Pakistan but lives in the UK. He also counts on the list of the top 10 famous PUBG mobile players in Pakistan. Approximately 600k people follow him on TikTok. He plays the game on an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Solo king is the leader of the famous clan solo gaming.

9. Doctor Pikachu

The real name of the famous Pakistani steamer girl is Syeda Maryam and she lives in Lahore. Around 230k people have subscribed to her YouTube channel. She plays the game very professionally on her iPhone 8plus. She owns the famous clan Doctorz and is the leader of it. In the list of top PUBG players, she is one the famous female competitor and strongest PUBG player

10. Ahmed Op

Ahmed Op is known as the Legend Ahmed and is the famous Pakistani PUBG mobile player. He plays PUBG mobile on iPad and mobile too. His real name is Ahmed Rana and he lives in Lahore he started his YouTube channel in 2018 and day by day he has gained popularity and now he has reached his YouTube channel with around 300k subscribers. First, he was a member of famous clan legend officials, but later on, he had made his own clan with the name of legend Esports.

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