Gamers Outraged By #PUBGban Now Want To #BanTikTok In Pakistan

tiktok ban PUBG

The online multiplayer game PUBG, now faces a temporary ban in Pakistan, after Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) decided to ban the game. This decision by PTA came after many young lives were lost playing the online game excessively.

The game is said to be promoting violence and aggressiveness amongst its players. PTA authority states the game is under observation and may also be temporarily banned for being addictive in nature and also causing disruption in the mental health of people in the society.

‘PUBG, A threat to mental health’

As soon as this new was announced, PUBG lovers in Pakistan protested against the ban. ‘PUBG is the only source of entertainment amid the lockdown.’

Since the PUBG ban, gamers on social media have now strung a debate to ban TikTok instead.

The most downloaded app of 2019 in Pakistan, TikTok is a craze that has truly engulfed the youth of our country. While there are people who use it as a source of infotainment, there are some who are spreading obscenity with their vulgar content.

PUBG addicts appeal to Ban TikTok

According to PUBG fans, TikTok is the real ‘social curse’ for our society. TikTok users are accused of posting vulgar content to get more likes and that is corrupting our nation.

Previously, a TikTok video went viral where 2 guys presumably in their teens, were dancing along romantically to a song. While one could decipher such an act as one being funny, the projection of sexual intimacies was truly mortifying.

Banning PUBG creates havoc on social media

Similar to how the Twitterati reacts to most situations, havoc rages on Twitter against the PUBG ban.

For better or for worst?

TikTok for many is not only a medium for entertainment but a source of earning as well. Many think that TikTok can have severe implications on the mental health of young minds.

Similarly, PUBG lovers make their case that the online gaming app is keeping them from things that can cause more serious issues. One user wrote, “PUBG is keeping the youth away from drugs and depression’.

Nonetheless, the excessive use of the PUBG app has seen the rise of some volatile behavior among youth.

The argument still stands, who is going to judge what is appropriate, and what is not? Should such apps be banned for the sake of young developing minds or should it be left on the individual to decide what’s best?


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