PTI’s Naeem Ul Haq Revealed He Discussed Marriage with Ayesha Gulalai and Later Deleted the Tweets!

The internet is never forgiving – once something goes on the cyberspace, the internet never forgives, nor forgets. Amidst this entire Imran Khan-Ayesha Gulalai fiasco lies another controversial aspect which was revealed by the spokesperson of PTI Naeem Ul Haq.

Quick recap though – MNA Ayesha Gulalai ended her ties with PTI after claiming that she was harassed by Imran Khan. On the other hand, PTI workers have claimed that Gulalai’s attendance was low in the assembly, due to which Khan rejected her plea for the ticket. This lead to Gulalai leaving the party and throwing a fit. Gulalai, however, has been stating that she was not only harassed but was also never given the seat she deserved.

The part where Gulalai claimed to be harassed by Khan in her words took place in 2013 when Khan sent “nasty” messages to her. Gulalai was then asked to share the messages and so far, she hasn’t done anything as such. Keeping this entire frenzy in mind, PTI’s spokesperson Naeem Ul Haq made two tweets, sharing how he “discussed” marriage with Gulalai.

You Will Not Find These Tweets on Twitter because Naeem Ul Haq Deleted Them, But As Mentioned Earlier – Internet is Never Forgiving!

Here’s the Second Tweet He Made and Deleted

The Internet Reacted to Haq’s Tweets As Well!




….But He is the Spokesperson…



On the Other Hand, According to PTI’s Shafqat Mehmood, Haq’s Account Was Hacked


This wasn’t the first time Haq was said to be involved with a party co-worker – officials claimed that Haq harassed Zahra Shahid.

Regardless though, we all had a great morning reading Naeem Ul Haq’s tweet. This entire fiasco, regardless of how one may think about it, is getting funnier!


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