PTI Promises Social And Economic Progress Of Every Pakistani Jawan

Kamyab Jawan Programme

The Special Advisor to Prime Minister for Youth Affairs, Usman Dar, has returned with another banger. Even though the youth of Pakistan continues to suffer from mass unemployment, good days might be on the cards. Usman Dar has openly been promoting the Kamyab Jawan Programme and others of similar nature.

Usman Dar promised that the social and economic growth of Pakistan’s youth stood as the number 1 priority of the government. It was due to this rhetoric, along with catching crooks of corruption, that the PTI won 2018’s controversial elections. To back that, the PTI is giving loans worth Rs 10 billion to the youth of the country.

Special Advisor to PM youth Affairs

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Usman Dar said: “Process of receiving applications under Hunarmand Pakistan Programme is underway to make youth skilful.” In addition, programmes such as Green Youth Movement, Internship Programmes and others will be started soon as well. The Kamyab Jawan Programme has seen an allocation of Rs 100 billion as well.

For the Kamyab Jawan Programme, one million applications have already been received by the government. Usman Dar vowed that the programme will play a prolific role in the social and economic growth of Pakistan’s youth. He also talked about the social protection of the youth of the country as well.

Kamyab Jawan and other Programmes

Currently, the applications are under the government’s reviewal and will be passed on the basis of merit and merit only. Additionally, Usman said that the centre was working with provinces as well for the youth’s empowerment.

PTI youth social plan

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Moreover, Usman Dar thanked Japan, Norway the UNICEF and UNDP for providing Pakistan’s youth with technical and financial assistance. “The UNDP is doing a great job for Sindh and KPK. We are paying special attention to job opportunities for youth created through small and medium Grade businesses. The purpose of providing loans to youth is to make them empower,” he added,

Furthermore, as for the requirement of the Kamyab Jawan Programme, Usman said: “This is not a grant or financial assistance but loans are being provided to youth for business. Second-phase of the provision of loans under Kamyab Jawan Programme will be started soon.”

The ‘Hunar Sab Ke Liye Hunamard Pakistan Programme’ will make the youth of Pakistan skilfull with a budget of Rs 30 billion. Usman reiterated the importance of technical skills for the youth of the country. E-Programmes like Kalado computing and artificial intelligence are on the government’s agenda as well. These e-programmes are the necessity of time, living in the 21st century.

Moreover, Dar added: “Kamyab Jawan’ Startup programmes will also be started soon. Under this programme, innovation league competition will be organized. As for social awakening, in the first phase, green youth movement will be started in 9 universities for which we are working along with HEC.”

In addition, as for health, a Kamyab Jawan Sehatmand Programme will be started which will train over 1 million nurses in different hospitals of Pakistan. Minorities will also be given a fair opportunity through this programme.

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