PTI Leader Sends Netizens Into Fits Of Laughter With His Knowledge Of ‘Earth Hour’ & It’s Hilarious!

pti leader knowledge earth hour

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI Leader, Khayal Ahmad Kastro, lately sent social media users into fits of laughter with his knowledge of Earth Hour. In fact, the level of confidence he portrayed while explaining has also left many flabbergasted. Wait till you hear it for yourself!

Upon being asked by a reporter “What is meant by Earth Hour?”, the PTI leader, Kastro, gave a glimpse of his knowledge on earth hour that went above everybody’s head. One would assume all these ministers to be well-educated, and well-informed but again, one can only assume. In reality, they are just empty-headed and often ignorant. Let’s take our Provincial Minister of Punjab for Culture and Colonies, Kastro, for example.

Pti leader knowledge
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According to Kastro, Earth Hour is the hour of earthquake. Yep, you read that right. Responding to the reporter’s question, he says, “Whenever there is an earthquake in any part of the world, to stop it, we need more greenery. So we need to stop it and have more greenery. InshaAllah”.

Have a quick watch!

Even we did not know that! Let’s forget about his incompetence to differentiate between Earth Hour and earthquake. How would planting ‘stop’ or even prevent earthquakes? Did some scientists let him into their big revelation?

The minister cracked the social media users with his foolish response. Trolls were quick to come out of the woodwork and take the mickey out of Kastro.


Of course, we get that one does not need even a single brain cell to get elected in this country but why these people never do the bare minimum to educate themselves on the most pressing issues is beyond us. Many ministers have made illogical comments on many occasions, in fact, they come up with quite insightful theories.

A similar situation occurred with the beautiful and talented minister of climatic change, Zartaj Gul when asked regarding COVID-19. The minister provided us with quite an interesting insight. And all we can think about are her responses, and if she was seriously answering them, or was it actually a prank!

Not only that, she confidently mentioned, that COVID-19 is actually called COVID-19 because it has 19 ways of entering into a body – well actually she said 19 ways of entering into a country, but we gather this is what she was intending to say. Before you all freak out and call her out on it; there is more.

Once on a talk show, she was also seen making a statement about former president Zia-ul-Haq that he was born on August 17 which later became limelight for memes. However, it should be noted that he was assassinated on that date.

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