PTI’s Generous Help Brings An Almost Dead Supporter Back To Life

PTI Insafians

Though Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) supporters constantly face backlash for being immoral, insensitive and what not. But this time, they have proved to be real heroes for Nadeem’s family.

Nadeem, a member of a PTI fan page on Twitter, got severely ill last year. He suffered a brain haemorrhage and was fully paralyzed leaving his family in misery. According to his wife, he is physically alive but his brain is almost dead. He has 4 children who got badly affected after the incident.

Nadeem’s family was living life hand-to-mouth with no income source. Apparently, he was a PTI supporter and an active member of a social media group. There is when a Twitter group member sensed Nadeem’s absence from the group and contacted his family. After knowing the situation, the group started to raise fund for him and his family.

Soon, they collected around 12 lac rupees which helped Nadeem in his treatment, as well as helped his family to pay rent and other necessary expenses.

Now again, Nadeem is still in the same condition and his family again needs help. The same social media group is trying to raise funds for him. They are urging people to make donations and help his family.

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Such acts restore our faith in humanity. No matter which political party they belong to, humanity always comes first. We hope that Nadeem recovers soon and take his family out of misery.


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