PTI Government Proposes Strict Social Media Laws For Companies

Social Media Laws Pakistan

In order to prevent data mishaps, officials have decided to register all social media forums within three months. Social media companies have been contacted to establish their centers at Islamabad from where they will be monitored.

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Source: Five Channels

Why do we need this?

In light of certain events that took place in the past. It was a step long-awaited by the government in order to secure the data of every Pakistani. Recently we have seen how many videos of celebrities and laymen were leaked on the internet. Even though many of us made fun of it and enjoyed the memes, however, it still is an inhuman act.

Furthermore, all these companies are to register themselves to the government within three months. After which they will open up their official headquarters in Islamabad. They have also been asked to establish data servers within a year. Which will be monitored by the government, since nothing seems to be safe anymore.

However, social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok are supposed to establish their offices and appoint a central representative.

We have seen how many people were robbed off their privacy in recent year and the social media massacre of dignity doesn’t seem to stop. Whether it be celebrities or common people, harassment on social media has become wilder than ever. From Rabi Pirzada to Alizeh Shah, ruining someone’s image and publicizing their personal life is beyond ethics.

Is this the best solution?

It was about time that our government took firm steps to stop this. All uploads will be monitored with videos and images being banned after being reported once.

However, we understand the delicacy of the matter, since once a viral image is leaked, it is saved within seconds. It is understandable that a system will be introduced which will prohibit users to upload vulgar content online.

If companies fail to comply with the terms of the government, they will be charged with a fine of Rs 500 million for violation. This being said for all social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok.

Furthermore, a body named National Coordination Authority (NSA) will be formed, which will be responsible for monitoring all social media activity. The high court of Pakistan could question the actions of the NSA within 30 days if they fail to comply with the set standards.

However, law enforcement agencies will take serious action against people who upload blasphemous or objectionable content; any content which targets national interests or social values of citizens of Pakistans.

Meanwhile, people who reside in foreign countries will also be monitored, and if they most malleable content, they will be banned from respective forums.

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