6 Promises That PTI Govt Made But Never Fulfilled – No. 6 Will Make You Cry!

PTI promises never fulfilled

It has been almost two years since the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government is ruling Pakistan. We hardly have seen any concrete development in the country yet. PTI claimed a dozen things and made several promises in the past but never fulfilled. However, as it appears, it seems to go against its word. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s rhetoric seems to be dying with time.

Here is a list of promises of PTI that were never fulfilled

1) PTI promised to put an end to the protocol culture

pti promise not fulfill

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As you all know, our very own Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed in his election campaigns that he would not be using any sort of protocol. In fact, he promised to put an end to the entire VIP and protocol culture but never fulfilled it. Time and time again this was asserted. Moreover, even the government spokesman stated that PM will have only two vehicles and two servants at his disposal. However, it has been frequently observed that he is accompanied by six vehicles.

2) PTI leaders will not use special airlines

PTI Government Promise broke

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In the cabinet meeting, it had been decided that neither PM Imran nor his ministers would use special airlines for foreign visits. Fawad Chaudhry claimed that all the ministers would travel through the commercial airline. In addition to this, he even criticized the previous governments for using special planes for traveling abroad. On the contrary, PM flew on a special on his first official visit to the UAE.

Ironically, this criticism was defended by claiming that the premier was to fly at three different cities in Saudi Arabia and then to UAE. On the face of it, this would not have been possible through commercial flights.

3) PTI leaders will not travel abroad in the first three months

PTI broken promises

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After taking the oath, the then information minister has claimed that the prime minister would not travel abroad during the first three months in the power. As opposed to what he claimed, PM Imran left for his first international visit on Tuesday. Moreover, they even defended this claiming that meetings were essential for possible future investment.

4) PM Imran will not use the Prime Minister’s House

PTI pm house

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Furthermore, before and after the elections, PM Imran continued to claim and made promises that he would not reside in the Prime Minister House which he never fulfilled. However, once voted to power, the announcement had been made that he would live at the National Assembly Speaker’s House in the Ministers’ Enclave. This followed by another announcement the very next day. It said that he would reside in Punjab House. Nonetheless, PM eventually decided to settle in the PM House and opted to reside in the Military Secretary House located on the same premises.

5) PTI ministers will limit foreign visits

pti promise unfulfilled

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In the second cabinet meeting, foreign visits of ministers were banned, this is also one of the promises that were never fulfilled. Regardless, on his first official visit, four ministers accompanied Khan. This included Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Asad Umar, Fawad Chaudhry, and Abdul Razzaq Dawood. Apparently, the ministers were mandatory for the visit and their inclusion was not a ‘courtesy’ call.

6) PTI will decrease the prices of oil and gas

PTI promise unfulfill

Source: Pakistan Today

Yet another one of the promises made by the government of PTI was to decrease the prices of oil and gas which it never fulfilled. They said the lower class would not face increased prices of goods. Not only this but they also blamed the previous governments for increasing prices of oil and gas. However, only a month later they increased the prices of gas, petrol, diesel, and kerosene. Without any shame, every time the government hides behind the excuse of an increase in the price of oil in the global market.

All we have seen in this so-called ‘Naya Pakistan’ include prices shooting up, a surge in rape culture, increased control over media, and the growing number of promises being never fulfilled by PTI. There have been a couple of changes for sure, but more negative ones, sadly!


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