Where Is PTI Govt? Karachiites Look For Missing Representatives!

Where Is PTI Govt? Karachiites Look For Missing Representatives!

PTI Government Missing Representatives

In every disastrous situation, every nation looks up to its leaders hoping that they will help in combatting the incurred issue. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Pakistan as the government’s failure in fighting Coronavirus depicts. With the fatal novel Coronavirus drastically taking over the world, Pakistanis are seen searching for their chosen representatives.

Karachiites protest against PTI representatives for negligence over COVID-19!

Recently, an online news publishing site shed some light on the disappearance of the government representatives at much needed time. As per earlier reports, the tally of Coronavirus cases in Pakistan has reached a staggering 329 and increasing. Well, in search of the missing incumbent PTI government representatives, Karachiites recently recorded a unique protest which caught many eyeballs online.

Here’s what ”Aap ki awaz” posted on its Facebook!

In the circulating post, civilians of the metropolis are seen holding ‘missing’ posters of PTI candidates with an ironic description. Beginning from Federal Minister f0r Water Resources, the list then just keeps going. Apparently, in this Coronavirus catastrophe, combatting efforts of the federal government has been the most disappointing.

“Case: tabdeeli, status: quarantine!”

Well, with ‘case: tabdeeli’, ‘status: quarantine’ and the specified zone they represent written on the posters, Karachiites did a silent protest. Particularly, PTI MNA’s Faisal Vawda, Alamgir Khan, Aamir Liaquat Hussain and Ali Haider Zaidi including others were called out. On the contrary, there is still hope that the meaningful protest will awaken the authorities to fight Coronavirus, strategically.

PTI Government Missing Representatives

The News

Certainly, this is yet another classic example of what actually happens after the people believe in a representative and select. But, as always, when the time to be a ‘messiah’ arrives, there is no sign of help or assistance from them. Call it a system error or anything else, but, while the country is being taken over by the deadly Coronavirus, the elected bodies should come into action.

Devastating impacts of Coronavirus!

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in China’s Wuhan city, the life-risking disease has rapidly transmitted all over the world. With entire Italy put on lockdown, cases related to Coronavirus are constantly erupting from different countries. Unfortunately, Pakistan is also among the ones infected but the dearth of medical facilities and equipment is sheer authoritative negligence.

PTI Government Missing Representatives


Backing the same stance, earlier this week, young doctors from Balochistan Medical College (BMC) also recorded a protest. Consequently, the BMC doctors and nurses were also recorded demanding medical kits and facilities from the authorities. Well, the widespread Coronavirus situation is indeed alarming but precautionary measures can be adapted for self-protection.

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