The Government Has Imposed New Taxes On Car Registrations And Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

As the taxation winds are blowing in Pakistan these days, it has created a chaotic atmosphere within the country. Where government imposed taxes are a normal thing in other countries of the world, Pakistanis are finding it something new as there has been no proper channel of taxation before. We are always on the verge of moving abroad and leave Pakistan but we don’t realize that their progress is because of the regular payment of taxes by the residents. The problem with a Pakistani mindset is that they will pay taxes when they move to any other country but won’t pay them in their own country and will still blame the system.

This Pakistani guy living abroad explains in detail why Pakistan is not progressing!

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Posted by Medico peeps on Friday, June 28, 2019

Well, in all the ‘tax tax’ discussions, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) government have now imposed taxes on registration/transfer of vehicles. A certain percentage has been set on cars which need to be paid at the time of purchase/transfer. Revealed in the 2019-20 budget, the buyer/transferee will now have to pay withholding tax according to the number of seats in the vehicle. The tax amount will vary among filer and non-filer both.

If you’re a filer and purchasing an 850CC car or above, you’ll have to pay Rs.5000 withholding tax per seat at the time of registration and for the non-filer, the tax amount will be Rs.10000 per seat. For the filer getting a 1000CC to a 1300CC car, withholding tax will be Rs.7500 whereas, the non-filer will have to pay double of it which makes a total of Rs.15000 per seat. Pakistanis buying a 1300CC or 1600CC car will have to pay Rs.12500 per seat if he’s a filer and the non-filer will have to pay Rs.25000 withholding tax for each seat. Filer getting a 1600CC or 1800CC car will pay Rs.18500 and for the non-filer, the amount will be Rs.37000.

Now, here are the stats for transfer fee: Normal transfer fee of a 4-wheel is Rs.1200 and the filer will now have to pay Rs.5000 per seat withholding tax along with the registration fee and Rs.10000 is the amount for the non-filer. Further is the same amount of withholding tax as the purchase of a car.

Here’s the news regarding the revised tax policy!

تبدیلی سرکار نے گاڑی خریدنا بھی مشکل بنا دیا

تبدیلی سرکار نے گاڑی خریدنا بھی مشکل بنا دیا

Posted by City42 on Saturday, June 29, 2019

Some Pakistanis are in support of the decision while the majority has spilled anger over the imposition. Following are some of the reactions of Pakistanis!

Yes, if the world is paying, why can’t we?

Ye bhi achi baat ki hai!


No idea, why is payment of taxes such a big deal for Pakistanis!

Aapki ‘bakwaas’ ka shukriya!

Aap jaisi soch ka hi nateeja hai ye girti hui economy!


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