PTI’s Female MNA Trolls PMLN’s MNA On TV And “Uff, Khudaya!”

Every household where there are kids is bound to see some ugly fights between siblings. The blood relation, which is supposed to be very close and friendly is always the one fighting. It is a rare sight that two siblings who are sitting together and are not fighting or are okay existing around each other. Such is a case of PMLN and PTI in Pakistan. With so many kids (political parties) in the household of Pakistan, these two specific kids have some really bad problem with each other. And like any other notorious neighbor, whole Pakistan enjoys their silly and sometimes serious fights, time after time.

Again a light-hearted fight erupted with tons of laughter between two MNA’s; one from PTI and other from PMLN. This happened in the show “Mazak raat” where Taufeeq Butt from PMLN and Javeria Aheer from PTI were made to sit alongside and they played a rapid-fire round. Where Javeria was all confident and answered all the questions. BUTTTT when Butt shahb’s turn came, he miserably failed and Javeria boldly offered to help Butt sahb!

Taufeeq Butt sheepishly agreed to take help from Javeria. Watch this and have a good laugh! Thank us later. Hehe

While the audience in the show and host were enjoying to the fullest. The pyaray Pakistanis on the social media were not really happy with the sorry state of Butt sahb! Poor guy

Ary nae nae! He’s being his honest self


Alas! Sed sed reality

Bhai bhai bhai. Itna gussa?

Oh yes! He sure is cute. Give him some credit on being cute pliss

Samples pretty much

Come on! Guys. Let them have some light-hearted jokes yar. Chill karo. Enjoyzz lyf! Isn’t it a sigh of relief that the winning party in the rapid fire round is the ruling party in Pakistan now?

What do you guys say?

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