A Customer Complained to PTCL in 2015 and They Finally Replied Qabar Se Zinda Honay Ke Baad!

Are you guys experiencing slow internet? Calling out all PTCL customers, if you have any complaints, now is the time to write to them because you know, 2019 is not far away!

We have come across a thousand instances where PTCL customers have complained about slow internet, poor connection or breakdowns. While they are quite proactive in resolving your issues, they can sometimes make you want to scratch your head and question yourself on being their subscriber…

Well, this customer filed a complaint in 2015…

See the date? 8th of July, 2015!

It was the time when Pakistanis were facing internet issues. People scrambled to Twitter and filed complaints after complaints…

Today, 1st of November, PTCL dug up this tweet and replied!

They asked this person to provide them their contact details. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Source: Reaction GIFs

The customer definitely kept their cool!

Nice of them, seriously.


People are having a great, great laugh over it…




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