PTA Refuses To Lift Ban On PUBG Despite Court Orders

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The war between PUBG lovers and PTA has been going since a while now and people are crazed over the fact, that despite court orders, PUBG is still facing the ban in the country. Apparently, PTA has refused to follow the court orders which clearly stated that the PUBG ban is to be lifted on an immediate basis.

The story behind the PUBG ban

The story behind the PUBG ban relates to how parents were concerned about the game having troubling side effects on their kids.

It puts focus on the idea of how the game is affecting the mental health of Pakistanis. However, after continuous protests and bashing, the gamers joined hands together to request the court to take charge of the matter.

Even YouTuber Waqar Zaka took the opportunity to address his followers and assured them that he will be filing a complaint against PTA for their unacceptable action. He even took the notice to Sindh High Court.

However, even though, the Islamabad High Court has ordered PTA to lift of the ban from the famous game PUBG, it seems that PTA might have mind of its own. Not only they are refusing to accept the order, rather, but they have also completely turned a deaf ear to the notice.

The Twitterati is flooded with complaints where they are asking Prime Minister Imran Khan to look into this matter.

Although, ironically it does make us wonder, if Pakistani unite in a similar way for actual reasons, how rapidly we can bring about a positive change. For instance, if Pakistani’s actually unite for actual causes like rape culture, feudalism, harassment, the outcomes and changes will truly be amazing and worth it.


Regardless, the gamers society of Pakistan is going to face a major loss and a lot of hurdles; if the ban is not lifted. As of now no action has been taken despite the court orders. Hence, the gamers society of Pakistan is appealing to higher authorities to take strict action against PTA.

In fact, so strong is the trend that it is trending on Twitter on the top spot now! The Twitterati truly knows how to make their voice heard, don’t they?

The game PUBG has been influential and of great relief to many people especially during this lockdown. We hope they get their dose of stress release real soon!


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