PTA Decides To Temporarily Ban PUBG In Pakistan

pubg pakistan pta

Widely popular game PUBG is in trouble as the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) sheds light on its applicability in Pakistan. PTA authority states the game is under observation and may also be temporarily banned for being addictive in nature and also causing disruption in the mental health of people in the society.

Similar to how the Twitterati reacts to most situations, havoc rages on Twitter as the news of the game PUBG being banned is heard. Most people are not happy, while many are rejoicing the decision that is being taken by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). As the news is spreading of this abolishment, some of the people are also agreeing to sign petitions against the ban.

PTA is banning the game because there are chances that the game is triggering mental health. After receiving heavy complaints and serious negative implications on ones mental health the game is being taken down for good. However, people are using this opportunity to defend the use of PUBG in Pakistan by asking for banning Tik Tok instead. Many are also saying this is a good approach because it will allow making people to do something constructive.

All in all, we are still unsure of how the banter is going to end. Let us hope that in the meantime, PTA makes some changes and provides the public with something entertaining.

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