PTA Bans 40+ Loan Apps After Many Scam Incidents

PTA Ban 40+ Loan Apps After Many Scam Incidents

Islamabad: Following the loan application incidents in Rawalpindi, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has blocked 40+ loan apps.

A week ago, a horrible occurrence involving providing apps occurred in Rawalpindi, and one person committed suicide. According to the details, he was blackmailed by the respondents of a certain loan app, after which he decided to commit suicide because he was unable to pay back the money.

As a result, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) began a crackdown on these loan apps. According to the most recent information, the PTA has blocked more than 40 loan applications in the days following of the suicide.

PTA Bans 40+ Loan Apps

PTA Ban 40+ Loan Apps After Many Scam Incidents

Following this tragic occurrence, the Ministry of Information Technology instructed the relevant authorities to crack down on scammers and phony loan apps in the country.

Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunications Syed Amin ul Haque emphasized the gravity of the situation and urged the PTA chairman to act quickly. As a result, in keeping with the minister’s directions, strict action has been taken against unlawful loan apps.

PTA has enlisted the help of the SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan) to ensure a wide variety of actions as part of the crackdown. The minister further asked citizens to submit any such fake loan applications to the PTA, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), the Cybercrime Wing, and local police.

People can absolutely play an essential part in reducing scams and protecting others from financial exploitation by reporting such incidents. Furthermore, the minister requested that the Director General of the FIA offer an update on the progress done thus far.

Minister Haque emphasized the need of the FIA’s cybercrime section to take aggressive action against dishonest persons rather than depending exclusively on complaints.

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