Sheikh Rashid Was Up to Something Crazy during the PSL Final and Many Pakistanis Failed to Notice

If there’s anything that Pakistanis have unconditional love and support for, it is hands down cricket. The lost glory of our cricket team has returned in recent times. We have bagged many important victories including the 2017 Champions Trophy.

PSL 2018 was another mega event that engrossed everyone. It brought support for domestic clubs from all over the country. The final in Karachi was also a much sought-after affair. National Stadium was renovated and brought back to life after 9 years of a lag without official matches. Karachiites were absolutely on a roll with their enthusiasm and the city lived up to its reputation of being the City of Lights!

Source: Twitter

These sights… Just look at our National Stadium

Cricket fans were absolutely elated by the atmosphere. The days leading to the final, the atmosphere was electric in the city. It was lit up with colors and preparations were in full-swing. Karachi proved to be a really good host. Meanwhile, the social media fraternity was another thing and social media in Pakistan was absolutely lit! It was the best time to catch everything on Twitter as the exchange of memes and banter, plus the interactions of notable public figures with the general public were something you just couldn’t miss!

Sheikh Rashid Ahmad was in a different mood that day!

Senior politician, Sheikh Rashid Ahmad decided not to talk about politics. Cricket fever was on a roll, so he decided to only talk about that. In doing so, he managed to say some really epic things and we are just going to compile everything below:

When he announced…

Sheikh Sahab being Sheikh Sahab

Does that ring a bell? Hint: Maryam Nawaz


The best one yet!

Sheikh Sahab really made Twitter an entertaining that day…

Aaj ek ne “na ahel hojana hai trophy ke liye”


Thank you, Sheikh Saaab! Never change.


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