Every Province Has A Rescue Service! With Billions In Taxes, When Is Sindh Getting One?

Rescue Helplines Sindh Neglect

Decades have passed and the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is ruling the Sindh province for its own pocket-filling reasons. The Sindh government has always been on the criticism block for its corrupt leadership and neglected strategies.

Undoubtedly, over the past years, Balochistan, Punjab, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) regions have been developed, drastically. Whereas influential personalities like Iqrar Ul Hassan are bashing the Sindh government for years of corruption. Not to forget, while the other three provinces have their own active rescue service, Sindh residents are still dependant on miracles at times of need.

Why is Sindh deprived of rescue services?

Apparently, the recent Pakistan International Airline (PIA) crash has brought out severe issues regarding the rescue services. When 1122 is the call to get the rescue services in Balochistan, Punjab, and K-P, why is Edhi, Chhipa, etc responsible to carry the burden in Sindh? Why couldn’t PPP in its decades of rule initiate the government’s 1122 rescue services in the province like others?

1122 for others, negligence for Sindh

Well, taking up the same notion after the recent plane crash, Twitteratis are showing concern for the neglected Sindh. While many are raising questions on the incompetency of PPP, others are ironically using the ‘Jiye Bhutto’ card. On the front, the Sindhg leadership seems to be working tirelessly and consistently but what they are working on, nobody knows.

No doubt in that. Have faith in the immortal ”Bhutto”

Here comes a fact related to PML-N’s Shehbaz Sharif

But they are welfare organizations, not government supported

The only thing that matters to them; vote!

Well, suits best on the performance of Sindh government

In this era of social media, people have found the ultimate platform to widen their prospects and provide opinions that matter. The conditions of Sindh and especially the rural areas display a picture of misery and brutality. No maintenance of health standards, no clean water to drink, no proper meal to have and no schools to educate children.

During elections, we see the corrupt leaders making false promises to gather support from the brainwashed voters. Pulling off the curtain, recently, FixIt’s Alamgir Khan exposed the rotten condition of schools in Sindh and it was shocking. Apparently, in the allotted school space, instead of children learning, there were farm animals tied in it. So, what else can one expect from the Sindh government?

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