This Proves How Pakistani Jahil Are Much Better Than So Called “Parhay Likhay”

In light of recent events of a fashion designer degrading the working class and targeting those who use public transport, it saddens us that the so called “educated” class of our society has such hypocritical thinking.

1. We Cant Blame Them For Being Under Privileged Where As On Parhay Likhay Jahil, Privileges Are Being Wasted


2. We  Define A Jahil From Their Bank Balance Not “Soch”. Where As Actually

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3. Parhay Likhay Jahil Are Way More Judgmental And Narrow Minded

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4. They Clean… While We Litter


5. We Categorize Things


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6. Its Okay When We Abuse Because It’s Cool To “Trash” Talk In English

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7. Things Will Change When We Realize That She Should Be Going To School … Not Cleaning A Parha Likha Jahil’s House

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