Professor Farrukh Usman, Another Victim Of Golimar Building Collapse!

professor golimar building collapse

The Golimar building collapse is surely an unforgettable incident. Amongst those losing their lives to this tragic incident, is Professor Farrukh Usman of Federal Urdu University.

Reports indicate that over 11 residents lost their lives and 25 locals within the building’s vicinity happen to sustain multiple injuries. The injured ones were rushed to the nearby Abbasi Shaheed hospital as soon as possible.

Tragedy Upon Professor Farrukh Usman!

According to the news reports, the professor lived along with nine members of his family. The latter lived in the very same six-story Golimar building that collapsed to the ground recently.

Subsequently, Farrukh and the other nine family members lost their lives following the incident. However, within the rubble, the rescue team happened to save his daughter.

Currently, professor Farrukh’s daughter is in critical condition, with hopes that she survives her fight with multiple injuries.

professor golimar building collapse

source: lifeofkarachi

Nevertheless, the rescue team also located a woman and two children from the rubble. From the analysis report, the rescue officials and Karachi metropolitan officials say that the damage was in the lower portion of the building. The building was in dire need of restoration but was under neglect.

Senior doctor, Salma Kosar gave her statement on the situation stating that the emergency ward is filled with patients from the building collapse site. Additionally, six of them are under special observation in the ICU.

Authority’s Concern On The Golimar Incident!

Nonetheless, the building collapse is a pure negation of the infrastructure’s maintenance. Taking notice of the poor maintenance system, Sindh Building Control Authority Additional Director Ashkar Daud claims: “There are more than 300 old and dangerous buildings in Karachi. We certainly want to demolish them as soon as possible, but the occupants of those buildings are unwilling to evacuate them.

professor golimar building collapse

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Following the building collapse, officers involved in the case were handed their suspension letters. Previously, the government had suspended 28 SBCA officers with the same charges.

It is known that 40-sq yard plots were merged to construct the building. Poor construction and failing to maintain its infrastructure led to the building collapse.

However, this is not the first time a building has collapsed. As a 15-year-old building collapsed in Ranchore Lane’s Sumra Gali collapsed in the same way. The only thing differing from this situation is that the SBCA happens to evacuate the occupants before anyone could lose their life.

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