This PU Professor Claims That Only Women ‘Harass’ Men & He Can Scientifically Prove It

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The chaos regarding harassment has always brought both men and women to be divided on the basis of their gender. While stories after stories keep piling up in different facets of life, we see how different perspectives and controversies come into existence. Although there is a large number of cases backed with evidence regarding harassment of different kinds. A professor from Punjab University thinks otherwise.

Recently, Punjab University’s  Professor Rana Eijaz Ahmad has raised a series of questions and arguments on social media. The reason for this outbreak and banter is the topic that he is going to conduct his research on.

According to him, it is unfair to create a stereotypical stigma, which labels men as ‘harassers’, and women as victims. He thinks that focusing on one gender and accusing them of being wrong is not something justifiable nor morally correct.

Professor Ahmad thinks that it is only women who harass men and not the other way around. And, people are not okay with his claim.

It is understandable to think that when it comes to harassment, sadly age and gender are not measures to keep in mind. But to say that only one gender is accountable is equally wrong too.

‘Women are actual harassers’

Professor’s statement, which he also posted on Facebook but has deleted now, is not only sexist but it also seems offensive to many actual female victims of harassment.

To say that we are repulsed is an understatement. It is statements and notions such as these that give birth to ‘victim-blaming’ and silences hundreds of assault and harassment cases once and for all.

While we were trying to swallow his statement and thinking about his state of mind, Twitterati are again divided on the matter with #Hetoo and #Metoo supporters.

From calling him out on being sexist, Pakistanis are divided into groups of two one in favor of him, and vice-versa.

Ironically, it seems that Professor Ahmad might as well be delusional or confused.

All in all, we hope that his research is actually backed up with actual evidence and prospects. We hope that it isn’t as controversial and sexist as the statement he puts forward. At the moment, it is too soon to say that what Professor Ahmad is trying to state is actually true or not. We agree with the stance that it isn’t okay to blame one gender regardless of they being male or female. At the moment all we can do is hope.

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