Problems You Face If You Marry In Your Early 20s

Young body , young mind , youthful days , so much energy , its a marriage of fire and fire crackers . It is , no doubt , a very rough ride for many young couples  .

1. Fights

Young couples have a lot of fights because they are unable to handle stress and are less mature .So there are going to be loads of fights , loads …over very petty things that sabotage their relationship .


2. Unfinished Projects

They may have two kids and then wife goes to school , or may be dad goes back to school . They always have this feeling in their hearts that they haven’t lived their life to the fullest.


3.Expectations that suit only Indian films

They have not sort out what THEY want from life or marriage so they copy everything from films .They expect their partners to do same for them .


4. Romance

Both of them believe marriage is about romance and they end up doing a lot of it . But later they realize they should grow their relationship in other ways too .


5. Financial issues

They are very young so husband is usually unstable financially and wife does not know how to spend . Money will be a big problem for them .Their parents may still supporting them and they will try to control how they spend ,too . Money is going to be a big big issue .


6. Parent’s control

They both do not draw any line for their parents so their parents may walk all over them; making comments and giving commands about how they should live their lives .


7. Unplanned kids

Too many emotions , too much drama ,miss-management ,unorganized days and nights.


8. Leak Of Private Information

 Friends , cousins , colleagues , Internet friends , Internet strangers . Young couples don’t understand the notion of privacy yet.

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9. Space

Both are not ready to give space to one another , both are very possessive and insecure .Sometimes they have really sick and immature ideas about love.


10. Distractions

Both may be attracted to other people , both may feel they are in wrong marriage .


11. Grow apart and then grow closer

Over the years , they may grow apart , make a distance but then after years when they are mature enough they may find each other again and make a stronger companionship .


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