Parents Angry As Private Schools Demand 3-Month Advance Fees Amid Lockdown

Private Schools Fee Advance

Pakistani parents are usually seen shackled in the maze of the unfair policies of the private schools in our country to mint money from their misery. Even when the deadly coronavirus pandemic has struck Pakistan badly, private schools are shamefully demanding advance fees from them.

Private schools demand advance fees amid COVID-19

Currently, like other parts of the world, Pakistan is also facing a strict lockdown to control the coronavirus from spreading further. However, in this turmoil, private schools have come up with a 3 months advance fee plan which has angered the parents. Recently, the issue was highlighted by a Pakistani politician Moonis Elahi on his official Twitter account.

While this coronavirus crisis has brought out the best in Pakistanis, private schools are becoming a nightmare for the parents. Analyzing the uncertain situation, the Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA) has already issued an order. As per PEIRA, private schools and colleges are only eligible to collect monthly-basis fees from the parents.


PEIRA advises private schools to follow SOPs

In its notification, PEIRA said, ”All private educational institutions should ensure the compliance of standard of procedures (SOPs) in true letter and spirit.” Thrashing the authoritative orders, private schools are now demanding advance fees for three months despite the ongoing pandemic that has disrupted daily lives.

Private Schools Fee Advance


On the closure of educational institutes, PEIRA has only allowed three to four staff members for the administrative duties. Mainly, the duties include, payment of salaries to teachers and other staff and utility bills. Moreover, the ongoing coronavirus vacations will be considered as summer vacations for the students.

Making money from education

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time private schools have become a nuisance for the parents. In the past, they were even protesting against the schools for charging fees despite coronavirus holidays. Education is the matter of enlightenment, spirituality, and intellect; a subject which is opposite to money-making and yet the schools are driven by mundane desires of monetary gains.

Private Schools Fee Advance

Over time, the private school sector has turned into a core money-making business. Charging high fees and providing below par services is what’s left in these big names sucking the blood of parents in every way. It’s high time the authorities should look into the matter and take strict action against such greedy private schools.

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