This Private Cab Driver Rants About How A Dulha Used the Car for Rukhsati in Just Rs. 163!

The very wedding season has made internet crazy! Yes, crazy with all the weird stuff that people could bring to make the weddings crazier as hell. From all the way to entries and rukhsatis, some made a landing from the artificial moon, most expensive cars and heavy bikes to make an entry.

In the talk with expensive car owners, people in Pakistan spend lacs on cars to rent out so they could take their new bride home as lavishly as possible. But in this wedding that took place in Karachi, something totally weird happened, And what’s so exciting about it? They did not spend extravagantly at ALL on cars or anything. But rather, the dulha got his dulhan home in just 163 Pakistani rupees!

The Uber driver recently shared his experience with a group where he told people how people spent so much money on cars for their wedding but he was actually booked for a rukhsati. LOL. And when he went to receive his passengers, he was shocked to see that the passengers were actually a bride and groom! HAHAHA! Moreover, he got puzzled that the ride fare was just 163 rupees.

Here’s what the Uber driver had to say…


He said:

“Bhai , may Uber X me 2 dafa dulhan bhi rukhsat karwa k le na chuka ho. .
Bandy ne karimabad pe shadi hall pe gari bulwa kr bola k ap ride start kr do, may abhi 5 mint me ata ho, jab 5 mint bad woh badna aya to usky sath dulha dulhan ,dono thay, saloon ne pori gari me phool bhar diye, unko lalokhet fc area drop diya, or bill bana sirf 163 rupy. .
Bc logo ne 163 rupy me new corolla me rukhsati karwa li…”

The best part was all the comments on the post!

1. Lol, not that the driver was jealous or something!


2. Je je bilkul


3. 500 kis bat k? And the drivers reply to the comment!!


4. Well, we wish! Hehe 😀


5. Lol, the driver even enjoyed the comebacks and response.


Ever witnessed such an incident? We know you haven’t. But if you know a weird story like this one, please share with us and let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to tag your friends who are expected to marry soon. 😉

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