Prince Affan Bin Saqib, MashaAllah; The Self-Proclaimed Billionaire, Alhamdulillah…

Affan, son of Dr. Jahanara & Prof. Saqib Siddiq, renowned gynaecologists, claims himself the Prince of Lahore. The self-proclaimed billionaire’s social media accounts are all flooded with his posts claiming and reassuring how filthy rich he is, with various tweets about his recent shopping spree and pictures of his house on instagram and what not. Okay Affan, we get you’re rich, coming from a wealthy background you might well be filthy rich. But.. My question to you is do you really need to show it all off to not just your friends and family, but to people who don’t even know or give a fu** about you and your whatever Swiss Bank Accounts? I would  really like to take this time out and share my personal favorite tweets from your twitter account with everyone, I mean they should know too that you’re some rich dude who they should give a fu** about, right? Here we go…

1. He Lives Life King Size – MashaAllah

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2. His Bank Account Can Put Zardari To Shame! – Alhumdulillah

pizap.com14405696158091 copy

3. This Dude Is A Chick Magnet!

pizap.com14405695620261 copy

4. MashaAllah – Subhan Allah – Alhumdulillah


5. Because Money Is No Issue For Him – Alhumdulillah!

pizap.com14405697370081 copy

6. He Belongs To The Top 10 Richest Families In The World – Alhumdulillah

pizap.com14404884630211 copy

7. Celebrities Love Him!

pizap.com14405731577202 copy

8. He Is Richer Than Prince Waleed – Alhumdulillah

pizap.com14405699563261 copy

9. Because Brand Se Kum Prince Koi Baat Nahi Kertay! – MashaAllah

pizap.com14405702040421 copy

10. He Is The Prince Of Lahore, Alhumdulillah… What Else Do You Expect, Astagfirullah!

pizap.com14405703768431 copy

This is it… Jazak Allah!

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