Prime Minister Khaqan Abbasi Celebrates Birthday with Simplicity and Pakistanis Are Surprised

When it comes to celebrating birthdays, people always do it in style, especially when it is a Pakistani public figure. Just a few days ago, PMLN’s Nawaz Sharif celebrated in his birthday and Pakistani fanatics honored the former prime minister’s birthday in style.

After Nawaz Sharif was thrown out of the ministership, Khaqan Abbasi took over and has since managed to create some headlines in his own manner. Yesterday, however, the prime minister took the attention of many, but not based on his work or any political aspect for the matter – but for the simplicity he depicted.

The Prime Minister Turned 59 Years Old Yesterday

27th December marks the birthday of Pakistan’s current prime minister. Not many knew about because well, the Khaqan Abbasi does not have fanatics after his name the way many politicians in Pakistan have.

What made his birthday stand out a little was the simplicity it showed. There’s no doubt in how rich Khaqan Abbasi is – he is one of the richest parliamentarians with the net worth between ₨1.3 billion to Rs2.3 billion. He is the owner of Airblue airlines and also has multiple other businesses.

Despite So, Look at the Way he Celebrated his Birthday

Sitting on a table that has some company’s merchandise (which one probably gets for free), wrapped in a shawl and sitting in a rather casual manner, no one can tell that the guy is the prime minister of Pakistan. As a matter of fact, given how most of the politicians throw a feast on their birthdays, in the case of the Khaqan Abbasi, it was the opposite.

And the Pakistanis were Surprised As Well


Sums it All Well


Pakistanis Loved When PM Abbasi Wore Shalwar Kameez to UN

You might be extremely rich and still prefer living with simplicity – this can be seen prominent in Khaqan Abbasi’s birthday celebration.



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