Prime Minister Imran Khan Talks To German Chancellor About The Kashmir Crisis!

imran khan german chancellor

Prime Minister Imran Khan had a conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the telephone regarding the inhumane decision from India’s side.



Discussion With The German Chancellor Over The Current Atrocities In Kashmir:

The Indian government’s sudden decision of revoking the article that gave Kashmir its special status is causing the citizens of Kashmir great pain. Even now, the region is met with a violent fate and the citizen’s rights are stripped away from them.

Pakistan has been taking various measures since weeks of the release of this news. The Prime Minister is making sure that none of the injustices from India’s side go undocumented. This is also because India once again tries to display itself as the righteous in front of the international media.

Source: News18

Nevertheless, the PM Imran Khan talked with the German Chancellor mentioning that India’s act has been against international laws and the UNSC resolutions. The current status of the region is absurd considering that the Indian army is free to disrupt the peace of the people. Not to mention, there has been a shortage of basic necessities while a huge communication blackout. Families are unable to contact each other. Many of the family members have absolutely no clue about the whereabouts of their loved ones.

He also addressed the India has the potential to stage a false-flag operation or any other similar act by the Line of Control to ensure that people remain diverted. It remains as a classic strategy from India’s part to help people turn a blind eye to concerning issues.

The Kashmir issue is getting coverage but not much is being done for the people. The crisis has been carrying out for multiple weeks now. The PM also advises that India’s decision could result in the loss of several innocent civilians. That is something Pakistan wishes to avoid at all costs. People are hoping that Imran Khan gets the opportunity to visit Germany to explore the issue in-depth as well.

Pakistan And Germany’s Decision On The Matter:

Chancellor Merkel mentioned that Germany is also keeping an eye on the crisis. It is necessary to reduce the height of the tensions currently existing within the region and look for ways to settle it without inciting violence.


The two nations have decided to join hands in catering to the issue and working towards the stability of Kashmir. Such decisions are important for Pakistan, as a whole. The process does seem to be a bit slow-paced. But it is significant to evaluate Kashmir’s problem by inviting help from abroad.

The more allies one has, the greater is the chance to experience a win. Hopefully, through such joint efforts, Pakistan is able to come up with a beneficial solution for the poor civilians in Kashmir. Many continue to suffer from the hands of the Indian government.



What do you think of the situation? Was the Prime Minister’s decision to initiate a talk with the German Chancellor a positive thing? Will Pakistan be able to win the war against India’s horrific decision of revoking the article 370 which gave considerable rights to the people of Kashmir? Share your thoughts using the links below.

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