Here’s Why Everyone Is Talking About These Exceptionally Talented Pakistanis

Different ethnicities, different occupations, different lives and different goals, Pakistan – a country filled with raw talent waiting to be polished, waiting to be displayed to the world. Unfortunately, these talented people do not get their chance to shine as they are hardly ever given the right platform.

However, an initiative taken by Atlas Battery, Sparkistan vows to show the emerging talent and the unsung heroes present in our country. The initiative brings talented Pakistanis from different areas in Pakistan, with each one of them showcasing their talent in their respective fields.

Facebook: Atlas Battery

Facebook: Atlas Battery

Atlas battery showcased the story of 15 heroes who are not given the fame they deserved. They took a step ahead to give prominence to our sparkling heroes present in Pakistan. Each individual comes from a different background, belongs to a different walk of life and has a different aim. The one thing common in all these people is that they are Pakistanis, striving to make the name of this country better.

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Starting off the display of unsung heroes present in Pakistan, Atlas Battery began with a professional belonging to the field of medicine.

1. Meet Dr. Naeem Taj – Guinness World Record Holder

Insta: Atlas Battery

Insta: Atlas Battery

Rawalpindi’s Dr. Naeem Taj works as a Surgeon specializing in general/laparoscopic surgeries. The Guinness Book of World record has issued surgeon Dr. Naeem Taj of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Hospital a certificate recognizing his major achievement of removing the World’s Longest Gall Bladder (5,568 stones from a 25.5cm gall bladder) through laparoscopy. Not just that, after that he was awarded with another certificate for removing the Longest Appendix from a child which was 21cm long.

2. Meet Muhammad Ali – CEO of Roshni Helpline

Muhammad Ali from Karachi is the founder of Roshni Helpline, which is a non-profit and non-government organization (NGO) which came into being in 2006. The founder of the Network, Muhammad Ali, a human rights activist who, for more than 20 years, has worked on the issues of human rights of children, women, and ethnic minorities.

Roshni Helpline has an absolute resolve to protect children and women from exploitation at all levels and in all forms i.e. trafficking, abuse, sexual violence and exploitation; to helping families in search, recovery and reunification of lost and trafficked children, and offering of immediate psychosocial support for both – the affected children and families.

3. Meet Samar Khan – First Woman To Cycle Biafo Glacier’s Top

Samar Khan, first woman to Cycle on top of Biafo Glacier. She’s an Athlete, cyclist and an explorer and works as a social activist to encourage youth to break stereotypes and set the trend for ‘Adventure Sports’ in Pakistan. In July, Samar Khan had become the first woman in the world to cycle atop 4,500 meter high Biafo Glacier in the Karakoram Mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan. The athlete has been awarded several certificates by Tourism Department of Gilgit-Baltistan. She had also cycled 1,000 kilometers from Islamabad to Pakistan-China border in ten days.

These Pakistanis are showing the world a better side of our country. We wish them all the best and hope we will get to see more of these talented people through Sparkistan!


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