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Yamaha NS-SW901 G-Black New Soavo Subwoofer


Yamaha NS-SW901 G-Black New Soavo Subwoofer Features

Yamaha NS-SW901 G-Black New Soavo Subwoofer costs Rs.290,999 (PKR) as per confirmed by all Pakistan dealers and service providers from all over Pakistan and cities such as; Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Lahore and Islamabad. Make sure the price that is being offered to you matches with the official represented price of the product you’re buying. 
We advise all our readers to buy from verified service providers and refrain from international shipments; to avoid any circumstantial scam which happens to thousands on a daily basis. We know that there have been many cases recorded in the past which point to the contrary that being robbed is interconnected with our purchasing abilities. 
We advise all our customers to check all the specifications beforehand to avoid any discrepancies; such as the accessories in the box and all the original company provided packages. Third-party contractors are likely to replace original accessories with fake, just so that they can make extra money off it. It is essential to ensure all things included in the package beforehand and afterwards, once the package arises.
Make sure your service provider is verified and your warranty card is included in your delivery; or else you might not be entertained if your product is not sound or defected. In many cases packages get mixed with others and many people end up with soaps rather than the phone they ordered. Is it essential to call your dealer and confirm all your details, even an email would do. 
We promise to ensure our readers that we guide them properly with all problems that might arise, making sure our viewers get the best of all worlds. You are our number 1 priority and it is our duty to guide you with all scams and acts of injustice that might or might not take place with you, so that you make a well-informed decision.

Yamaha NS-SW901 G-Black New Soavo Subwoofer Price in Pakistan

Lowest price online without discount Rs.290,999.00

Yamaha NS-SW901 G-Black New Soavo Subwoofer Specifications

Three BASS Modes The BASS (Bass Action Selector System) function provides a selection of three modes to match the source being listened to. Wide for powerful sound with movies, Normal for natural sound with music and movies, and Narrow to cut unnece

Full-Function Remote Control Unit. The remote unit makes it convenient to operate the subwoofer. It lets the user turn the power on and off, adjust the volume, adjust the high cut filter, select phase (normal/reverse), select BASS mode, engage the sl

Three Preset Memories. Three combinations of settings (volume, BASS, high cut filter and phase) can be memorized and recalled at the touch of a button on the remote unit.

Sleep Timer. Engaging the sleep timer shuts off the power after two hours. This is both handy and energy-saving, because people often forget to turn off their subwoofer.

Other Notable Feafures Continuously variable high cut filter (40 – 140Hz) LFE terminal (bypasses the high cut filter) Power can be turned on and off using a Yamaha receiver/amp remote unit Remote controllable motor-driven volume control

Yamaha NS-SW901 G-Black New Soavo Subwoofer Price Comparison

Shophive June 14, 2022 Rs.290,999.00 Free Website

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