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charge laptop without charger

January 8, 2021 by Samra Nisar with 0 comments

5 Ways To Charge Laptop Without Charger 

We all agree with the fact that losing a laptop or even breaking one can be highly frustrating.In that case you find ways to charge laptop without charger. But how to charge a laptop without charger? If you have been in the need of charging your laptop and don’t have any access to the manufacturer’s charger, you may experiment by using other methods. The risk, however, does come from the fact that your laptop’s manufacturer’s charger has been designed primarily for the purpose of charging your laptop. This would not allow it to overheat and explode. When you check laptops price in Pakistan or laptop price in Pakistan Lenovo, you know they are expensive. So be cautious before taking any step.

As a result, you have the option to charge your laptop without having access to the manufacturer’s charger. However, there is no free ‘hack’ for the purpose to charge laptop without charger. These methods are free and are better off when you are required to purchase a replacement charger for your laptop. Here are the 5 ways to charge laptop without charger.

Use a universal charger

Technically, a universal adapter is one of the most common and important solutions for solving your battery issues. The universal chargers also come have multiple tips. As a result, it is highly likely that you will find one that would directly fit into the charging port of your laptop. You also have an option to buy individual tips separately. Several universal adapters also possess the ability for charging your laptop through a car or even from other 12V DC power points. When they have been plugged in, the adapter would not only power the laptop but will also charge it.

Using USB-C through an adapter

If your laptop does have a new model and has a USB C port, you can charge laptop without charger through a USB C adapter. You have the option to either order these online or find them at your local electronics store. This is indeed one of the safest and best possible ways to charge through your USB C adapter as the adapter does have protection that turns off charging when it detects high temps or other problems.

You should not attempt to charge your laptop through your USB C port without the adapter. This is primarily because the adapter can charge for specific voltages and other adapters are not suited for the voltages laptops carry. You may risk shorting the adapter. This will cause damage to your laptop and also for yourself if you don’t use the proper adapter. So you should be cautious when you charge laptop without charger.

Using super battery

For your laptop, a super battery will act as a second battery. This also has a different cable for charging that can directly plug in its battery. For using this, you may remove your laptop battery. After that, you can insert the super battery directly in its place. It is essential to note that super batteries are brand specific products. As a result, you would require one to be purchased for your specific laptop. Moreover, you also have to make sure that it does fits and works in your laptop before you try this method. Using these super batteries should only be for emergencies.

With the arrival of new and efficient ways of charging, this method may not be highly efficient. Despite their name, super batteries don’t hold charges longer than 4 hours. It’s primarily because it is highly cost-effective for you to just buy a new charger for your personal laptop.

Charge your laptop with a power bank

One of the best methods to charge your laptop is through the means of a power bank. A power bank is primarily a portable battery that can be used for your laptop. You just have to connect the power bank with your laptop. One of the best things about power banks is that they don’t require to be directly plugged into an outlet while they are being used to charge laptop without charger.

There are a wide variety of models for power banks. They’re not all built with the same charging capacities. As a result, you can charge relatively less-powerful laptops through the means of a USB Type-A power bank. However, if you do want to charge a powerful laptop, like a mobile workstation, then you will be required to get a power bank that’s USB-C-based. USB-C power banks can also power other USB devices, like your smartphone or tablet.

External battery charger

An external battery is mainly a secondary way for the purpose of charging your laptop battery. The battery of your laptop should be removable for this important method to work effectively. Many of the external batteries are usually brand specific. For users of laptops in Pakistan and other parts of the world, you are required to purchase a battery that would be suitable for your laptop’s brand.

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