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April 6, 2020 by Zaid Nisar with 0 comments

6 Travel Chargers To Charge Up Your Tech Gadgets In Pakistan

If you are an individual who loves to travel with a camera or a smartphone, you may have had to face issues related to charging your tech gadgets. For users of tech and mobile gadgets in Pakistan, it is nearly impossible to travel without  travel chargers. The flashing battery sign is certainly the last thing that you may want to view when there is a picture or phone call required to be taken. Below we look at 6 ways to charge up your tech gadgets using travel chargers while traveling in Pakistan:

Wireless Charger

Wireless charging is a standard for various devices. Wireless charger has also become common among users in Pakistan using it as travel chargers. However, there are few guidelines that travelers should comply for wireless charging in Pakistan. Your tech gadgets Pakistan may charge slowly on a wireless pad if it is plugged in directly. This may not be a problem depending on the circumstances. But you do sometimes need a quick charge. For charging, simply click the adapter into the charging dock, stick it in the back of your device and directly plug in charging dock in your home. You can drop your phone in the dock and it would charge it for you.

Universal Charge Cord

If you don’t want to have tiny little losable ends for your cords, you may go with simple multi-cord. You will personally like the convenience of its magnetic tips. The charge cables and USB cables have covers to avoid getting damaged and also spring back functionality that is easy to be used. For travelers who want to charge their mobile gadgets in Pakistan, universal charge cords could be an optimal option.

The Vastar 2 Packs 4-in-1 USB Charging Cable adapter is a travel gadget that is a beneficial Universal charge cord. Moreover, it has a retractable spool for avoiding tangling and a two-in-one plug at its end. The charge cables and USB cable come with covers that can avoid being damaged as the spring back functionality is easily used.

Solar Charger

A solar charger employs energy from the sun for supplying batteries to electricity devices. They are usually portable. Solar chargers can also charge Ni-Cd battery and lead acid banks up to 48 V and hundreds of ampere-hours. This is equal to 4000 Ah capacity. Most of the portable chargers can even obtain energy directly from sun.

The technology is also viable for charging of mobile devices. Some certainly work better when compared with others. Solar mobile chargers in Pakistan have also become quite common among users. Most of the tech gadgets that are solar-powered in Pakistan provide nearly 300 to 400 charges before they run out.

Charge Backpacks

A charging backpack could be highly beneficial when traveling. If you are going on a short trip and have a lot of high tech gadgets, these backpacks could be an ideal choice.

One of the most prominent charge backpacks is the Eceen Hiking Daypack. It is a cool travel gadget for anyone that has been looking for portable travel chargers. It comes with a built-in solar panel and a 2,000 mAh battery. For tech gadget users in Pakistan that have been hiking, it could charge your devices as well as its internal battery at nearly a half kilo.

Multi Plugs

Users of mobile gadgets in Pakistan may have noticed that most of the time at airports, cafes and hotels, there are very limited plug-in options available, especially for people that are digital nomads. They tend to have several devices. One of the multi-plug in the consumer market right now is the Belkin Mini Surge Protector with USB Charger. This cool gadget has 3 AC plugs for charging multiple laptops and also has external batteries that could be simultaneously charged. We can also use 2 USBs for cameras and smart phones as well as a full 360° plug for these times when other plugs have been taken and you need to squeeze in.

Magnetic Tip Multi Cord

One of the most annoying part of charging different devices is the fact that some of the devices charge with microUSB, some are charged with MiniUSB while others are charged with lightning cords. For users of mobile gadgets in Pakistan, this could be one of the most optimum travel chargers to charge tech gadgets. The magnetic tip charge cords are cords that can help to solve this challenge. You have to sleek the removable ends into one of your devices. Then you can use the magnetic cord for charging them all. One cord can be used for all devices.


As travelers, we do rely significantly on tech gadgets such as travel chargers or travel mobile charger specifically. There is certainly no denying in the fact that technology and travel are directly interlinked. Being a traveler in Pakistan, you may find almost every item on this list nearly perfect for charging purposes. Whether you require a full charge on a road trip or a quick boost for your device, you can use all these travel gadgets whenever you need.

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