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February 5, 2021 by Samra Nisar with 0 comments

Top 7 Biggest Technology and Business Trends You Should be Prepared for in 2021

It is a fact that Covid-19 has certainly transformed the world around us giving rise to some technology and business trends. We can anticipate that the various changes in business models and consumer preferences could change the immediate crisis. Once customers get adjusted to the new digital and remote models, we could see a drastic shift in the manner in which business operations are performed.

Due to the advent of science and innovation, we could well see different technology and business trends in the year 2021. They will also be primarily based on the experience of people during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this article, we will provide a list of the 7 biggest technology and business trends in 2021 that you should be prepared for.

Rise in contactless delivery and shipping

Over the last few years, the USA has seen a near 20% increase in preference for contactless operations. Moreover, many industries have also implemented alternative processes. No-contact delivery has now become the new normal. Applications such as Grubhub and Uber Eats have now increased their individual contactless delivery options and they will certainly continue to do so in 2021. This has become one of the most in-demand business trends in Pakistan and other parts of the world.

Delivery applications in China such as Meituan, which was the first company in China to implement contactless delivery in Wuhan, had also started using autonomous vehicles for helping to fulfill grocery orders to their individual customers. While Meituan tested this technology in 2020, the company has also recently launched this service publicly.

Ongoing autonomous driving innovation

We have all seen massive progress in autonomous driving technology in the year 2021. Honda recently announced that the company would be able to mass-produce autonomous vehicles under specific conditions that would not require any intervention from the driver. Moreover, the autopilot car of Tesla also provides lane centering and automatic lane changes. However, from this year, users also have the option to recognize speed signs and also detect green lights.

Apart from that, Ford is also expected to launch autonomous driving cars ridesharing service launch in 2021. The fierce market competition has also been increasing self-driving technology growth in various other companies across this world. This also includes Lyft and Waymo.

Increase in Tele-health and Tele-medicine services

There are several institutions, primarily in health care, that are working to lower the exposure of Covid-19 for workers and patients. Several public and private practices have focused more on implementing more telehealth offerings including doctor-patient video chats and contactless based delivery for medication. Advancement in Tele-health and Tele-medicine services will also help to improve vaccine development for covid 19 Pakistan and other parts of the world.

Due to COVID-19, visits of Telehealth have now surged by more than 50% when compared with levels of pre-pandemic. IHS Technology has predicted that nearly 70 million Americans will use telehealth by the year 2020. Since then, research by Forrester has predicted that the total number of U.S. virtual care visits would reach nearly a billion early in the year 2021.

E-learning and online education as a part of the educational system

Covid-19 has fast-tracked the online education and e-learning industry. In the pandemic, nearly 190 countries were required to enforce a countrywide lockdown due to school closures at some point. This will influence nearly 1.6 billion people at a global level.

This is a significant opportunity due to colleges, schools and also coaching centers conducting classes through the means of videoconferencing. Udemy, Udacity, Coursera and Edx are some of the best online learning platforms that have now served individuals across the world during the pandemic. They will continue it during 2021 and even beyond that.

Growth in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies

In the year 2020, virtual reality and augmented reality have grown massively in the year 2020. Such immersive technologies have now become an essential component of everyday life, from entertainment to business. Due to Covid-19, technology adoption as businesses turned to the remote work model, due to collaboration and communication VR and AR.

The adoption of VR and AR would increase due to the growth of 5G networks as well as expanding bandwidth of the internet. Some of the organizations such as Microsoft, Chetu and Scanta would play a massive role in shaping the world soon. This could prove to be a groundbreaking technology in Pakistan and other parts of the world.

Growth in A.I., Robotics and Internet of things

In the year 2021, we could well expect to see a massive demand and growth in industrial automation technology and artificial intelligence (A.I.). It is one of the biggest technology and business trends in 2021. As supply chain and manufacturing returns to full operation, the dearth in human resources could also become a massive problem. Automation, through the help of A.I., robotics, and the internet of things, could well become a significant alternative solution for the purpose of manufacturing.

Increase in demand of 5G infrastructure

It is the top technology and business trends in 2021. From a technological perspective, the fact can’t be denied that demand for high-speed internet as well as a shift towards smart cities, well-connected homes and autonomous mobility has now pushed advancement of 5G-6G internet technology. In the year 2021, we could well see new utility, infrastructure or updates for application development due to startups and other large corporations across the world.

Many telecommunication companies across the world are now on track to provide 5G. Verizon has announced a massive expansion of its 5G network for the year October 2020. Deployment of 5G has also started rapidly in China. As of now, there are more than 380 operators that have been investing in 5G technology. More than 35 countries across the world have already launched commercial 5G services.

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