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January 28, 2021 by Samra Nisar with 0 comments

Top10 Best Tech Tips for 2021

With the coronavirus pandemic related lockdowns enforced in every country these days, life has gotten much harder. Time-wise, people have been complaining about a lot of lost time. Thankfully, there are many ways you can save up precious time using some tech tips. While being proactive and pre-planning your day ahead is a classic way, spontaneous people generally find it challenging to do that all the time.

These days our smartphones, laptops and PCs have taken up most of our days. Therefore, being efficient in using them makes all the more sense now. Whether you’re a student, a working mom or just happen to spend many hours daily on the phone or online, these top 10 best tech tips and tricks 2021. Keeping technology of Pakistan in mind, we have compiled for you the tips that will end up saving your day.

#1 Use Google as your dictionary

You can definitely google words, but that just brings forth a list of search result listings. If you want to directly get the dictionary definition of a word, add “define” ahead of that word, for instance, define hull. This is one of the very handy and best tech tips for 2021 that saves you more time once you make a habit of doing this.

#2 The right way to plug in your USB cable on the first attempt

That’s a no-brainer? Not to most people as they tend to get it wrong first. Every USB in Pakistan has the classic USB symbol printed on one side, which serves as an indicator. If you are plugging in right, it will appear on the front or top side of the USB port (meaning you will be able to see it). If you plug it wrong, the symbol will not be easily visible to you, being on the back or bottom side of the port.

#3 Speed up your PC easily and quickly

In order to maintain your computer’s performance at an optimum level, you need to periodically run some maintenance tasks on it. Consider it like the periodic dentist checks we all go through to maintain healthy teeth. Likewise, to maintain a healthy system, you should perform registry scans, track record of RAM space and manage apps accordingly, defragment your hard drive, delete cookies and unnecessary programs on a monthly basis. This will ensure your RAM lasts longer. Check out the computers price in Pakistan to find out which ones have the best RAMs.

#4 Limit your mobile data use with these hacks

These days, unlimited data plans are neither being offered in every city nor affordable by most people in the very areas they become available. At the risk of sounding frugal, these tech tips and tricks for mobile are handy in ensuring you limit your usage to your available data:

  • Switch to Wi-fi whenever you are in range of one. Most phones auto connect to known networks in range, which helps.
  • Limit the mobile data usage per app. Videos eat up your data much more than anything else. The higher the resolution, the more data gets consumed.
  • Disable push content like Facebook and email notifications.
  • Track your daily data usage with your built-in data monitors on your smartphone

#5 Make the most of the Windows Admin utilities that are still free

While the majority of the world is shifting to paid apps, some free apps are doing a good job. One of these is 4sysops that enlists over 300 free Windows utilities ranging from configuration to monitoring. It also has reviews and download links available. The best thing about this app is that it is completely ad-free.

#6 Take a break from scrolling webpages with a mouse – use the spacebar!

Tired of using the mouse endlessly and your wrist is probably screaming for a break but there’s still work to be finished? One of the best tech tips and tricks for PC users is that you can use the spacebar to scroll! Most people know it as a tool used in typing, but it does more. Just push the spacebar once to scroll down a page; if you want to scroll back up, use Shift+Spacebar and you will be good.

#7 Save time when filling cumbersome online forms

You just hate them, don’t you? These forms take more time than you already have. To save time, you can use a tab key to jump from one field to the next one. If you want to jump to the correct country in the “Country” field that usually enlists countries alphabetically in their dropdown menu, you can just type the first alphabet and you’ll get the right one!

#8 Use Google as your go-to unit converter

Google the query “10 USD to Euros” and you will jump to the correct result in no time stat! This is a life-saving hack that saves you the hassle of looking up a reliable unit converter.

#9 Zoom out and back in using your keyboard

To maintain the efficiency we speak of, you can skip using a mouse to zoom in and out when online. Just press the CTRL and + or – keys together to zoom in or out when you are online. This saves a lot of time and effort.

#10 Optimize the strength of your Wi-Fi signals

The most common issue people face is flakey Wi-Fi signals. The leading reason for it is that it overlaps with other connections in the area, like the neighbor’s living next to them. Download the Wi-Fi analyzer app and find the best channels for your network that cut out the overlapping as much as possible. This will leave you with a much faster connection without the hassle you typically have to go through to sort it out!

Make these tech-savvy tips and tricks a habit and you will be golden! Use them to your heart’s desire and you’ll become more efficient in no time.

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