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March 13, 2020 by Zaid Nisar with 0 comments

Top 5 Ways To Utilize Tech Gadgets In A Smart Way In Pakistan

Smart devices can improve our lives in ways that were unthinkable a few years back. Over the years, high tech gadgets have been consistently coming out at a quick speed in the last few years in Pakistan. Technology has also been moving at a rapid pace. Not only is the technology innovative but it is also extremely useful since they have been entering the marketplace.

If we mainly talk about use of smart gadgets in Pakistan, you can observe every individual around you would be using different kind of gadgets. Below, we will review the top five ways to utilize your tech gadgets in a smart manner in Pakistan:

Mobile application for saving

The best thing about saving money with getting help from your tech gadgets is that millions of other people are trying to use electronic gadgets in Pakistan in a similar manner. This indicates the fact that a wide range of apps have been dedicated for making it convenient to control your finance.

For mobile phone users in Pakistan, Applications like Monzo or Starling can easily help you to partition your money into various divisions such as savings and expenses. They’ll also layout your spending trends vividly. This will allow you to track your spending effectively.

Helping people with disability

There are mobile applications that are available for almost everything. They may include managing illnesses, teaching sign language and addressing learning disabilities. For electronic gadget users in Pakistan that are unable to effectively use their hands, there is a hands-free Android phone known as the “Sesame Enable”. As a result, anyone would be able to stay connected with the people around them.

Technology applications have also been developed for people with issues related to eyesight. An organization known as eyeNETRA has successfully invented NetraG. It is a $2 smartphone attachment that when paired with a mobile application can successfully measure astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness, age-related blurriness and pupillary distance.

As per the developers of eyeNetra nearly 2.4 billion individuals across the world require glasses. Also, for people that cannot access testing tools or afford pricey exams, NetraG will also help them.

Tracking Personal data

Some users of smart gadgets in Pakistan are also interested in personal data tracking. For the purpose of data tracking, research illustrates that new users of technology tend to be different when compared with experienced users. A research conducted by University of Torino, Italy, found that some users are unable to effectively manage and integrate tracking devices into their lives.

However, after the first phase of curiosity, fatigue tracking could be evident in this group. New users may not be motivated for working with their data and they may not even look out for solutions that can help to make data work for them.

Capturing data with health sensors

The fact can’t be denied that smartphone itself is one of the biggest wonders of modern technology. The biggest potential of the smartphone is for health tracking, specifically for connecting with separate sensors. There are a few devices that you can successfully connect with your smartphone phone for tracking health data:

  • Activity trackers such as Fitbit, Spark, Jawbone and various others
  • Glucose meter
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Pulse monitors for measuring heart rate and oxygen saturation
  • Weight scale
  • Peak flow meter for monitoring asthma control

The sensors that have been built into the smart phone can help to automatically capture specific types of health data when they have been linked for specific applications. For users of tech gadgets in Pakistan, the application is highly beneficial. This is because it can take advantage of stock hardware for providing specialized health-related functions.

Applications such as Apple’s Health app can help to make it convenient to tie all this data together. Moreover, applications like Runkeeper can also use the GPS of the phone to track external activities like walking or running.

Detecting natural disasters

We do know that smartphone contains a Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) accelerometer. MEMS can help to track movement and keep the map rotated in the right direction. However, a discovery have been made by scientists that the sensitive accelerometers could also accurately help to detect natural disasters such as earthquakes.

For users of electronic gadgets in Pakistan, The MEMS can detect earthquakes of magnitudes greater than 5 when they are located near a specific epicenter. In other words, some unique gadgets in Pakistan can soon replace conventional seismometer networks for potential users.


It is evident that smart tech gadgets can provide you with flexibility and freedom to be productive in every walk of your life with a single tap irrespective of your location. You can save ample time and monetary resources if you are able to invest in smart gadgets. The consistent advancement in technology has certainly allowed such devices to exist for your individual convenience.

Many of these smart devices have been quite inexpensive, specifically if you have been able to invest in similar non smart devices. This has been certainly beneficial for users of smart gadgets in Pakistan. By following this approach, you can make optimum use of the smart devices. However, don’t forget to do prior research before making smart use of the gadgets.

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