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December 31, 2020 by Samra Nisar with 0 comments

9 Tech Tips To Help In Committing To Your New Year’s Resolutions

As we all move to the New Year, several people are also looking for a fresh start and a new year resolution. They are all motivated for making changes to their personal and professional lives. However, several people find themselves closing down their personal resolutions in fairly short order. But nowadays, we have an option for turning technology that can help us in staying the course. In this article, we will provide you 9 tech tips that will help you to commit to your new year’s resolution.

Exercise Applications

For individuals that are concerned about their health, fitness applications could prove to be a great way for starting a sensible path to attain their fitness goals. It is one of the best tech tips for users of Pakistani technology. There are several good applications to add to your individual catalog. If your goal is to build muscle mass or run a marathon, there are chances that there is an application to help you out.

Wearables For Managing Health Goals

Due to more capabilities than ever before along with sharper data analytics, wearables can help you to provide a comprehensive picture of their health. If you plan to strengthen your heart, eat healthy and manage a medical malady, wearables can be of massive benefit. This could prove to be one of the best tech tips for New Year’s resolutions in Pakistan.

Virtual Reality

Tech does have an innate ability to be integrated into daily life. This also allows for synergy to be harnessed. Moreover, various applications could be quick as well as effective reminders when you have to set New Year’s resolutions. They could also help you to remind and guide you through your New Year resolution. For users of technology in Pakistan, Virtual reality could also help you with these resolutions. This could also include having exposure therapy to public speaking or many other possibilities.

Digital Assistant

We have an option to add New Year’s Resolution intent for our Google Home or Alexa for reminding us on a regular basis about our resolution. Initially, it is essential to create a resolution. This can result in automatically spreading the objective throughout the year. You should also check the progress every fortnight. If you’re doing well, you should be able to congratulate yourself along with sharing the word. However, if you don’t, you should also focus on finding inspiration through quotes along with focusing on how to attain the goal using courses and coaches.

Digitally Connect To A Supportive Peer Group

You can receive kudos on Strava for physical activity and even receive likes on Twitter when you share your completion of a blog or certification that can provide excellent positive reinforcement. You can also share your setbacks among your individual peers through social media. They could be extremely helpful when you have to endure a tough phase, as many others will have gone through similar situations.


Artificial Intelligence

It is a fact that resolutions for New Year’s often don’t work. This is mainly because people are trapped in daily routine. They tend to stop moving toward attaining them. As a result, AI-based solutions could well be the answer here. AI-based systems could well help people to attain their individual objectives by suggesting various ways to do that. They can monitor progress along with supporting and encouraging them to move ahead in a specific direction.

Google Calendar Goals

One of the most underrated yet important Google Calendar features is Goals. It is certainly a great tool for those individuals that want to be consistently working toward their individual goals. However, they are struggling to find sufficient time. You have the option to select how often you want to be reminded regarding it. This basically works around your schedule. It also suggests time to work on that goal of yours.

Post Your Resolution Online

These days, there are various Facebook groups and YouTube channels that express themselves. You have the option to post your resolution online on social media, a blog, a personal website, etc. This can help you in various ways. It can help you in making you obligated to stick to your personal resolution. Moreover, you may even find motivation in the different reactions of people through your comments, etc. Any basic reminder app could help you to keep you on schedule.

Leverage Primary Work Management Tools

As an individual, you have the option to leverage the tech that you can utilize as your primary work management as well as a collaboration tool. For example, Outlook does have calendars and reminders. They could prove to be highly pretty effective to keep track of your personal goals. You could well schedule time along with monitoring your progress. If we go with the tech tips just to keep track of goals, we might not use the tool effectively. This is indeed one of the best tech tips for users of Pakistani technology.

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