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most influential gadgets ever

November 12, 2020 by Samra Nisar with 0 comments

The 8 Most Influential Gadgets Ever Made

It is a fact that electronic devices have influenced our lives to a significant extent. Corporations across the world have taken ideas and have created groundbreaking products and services. This has resulted in a very positive influence of electronic gadgets on our daily lives. However, it is essential to understand the technologies that were truly transformative and which the rest of the tech industry would soon follow. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of 8 of the most influential gadgets ever made.

Apple iPhone

In July 2007, Apple became the first-ever company to allow millions of users around the world to access a powerful computer on the palm of their hands. From a technical perspective, Smartphones had existed for years. However, none of them came together as beautifully as the iPhone. What really did make the iPhone to be so remarkably successful was its software and mobile application store. This allowed iPhone to become one of the most successful gadgets in Pakistan and across the world.

iPhone was able to popularize the world of mobile applications. Moreover, it also changed the manner in which we communicate, play games, work, shop and complete regular tasks. The iPhone is certainly a family of highly successful products and services. However, it has changed our relationship to computing and information. It is a change that is highly likely to have repercussions in the decades to come and is one of the most influential gadgets ever made.

iphone gadget

Image Credits: Macworld

Polaroid Camera

Millennials tend to obtain plenty of flak for their preference towards instant gratification. That’s a desire that also crosses generations. When the first-ever Polaroid OneStep Land camera, hit the market in 1977, it soon became one of the world’s best-selling cameras. The Polaroid photographs also dominated 80s-era pop culture and family albums give the square-framed, often off-color snaps with a retro appeal.

Today it is being celebrated by enthusiasts across the world for being one of the most influential gadgets ever made. Moreover, several billion-dollar apps such as Instagram have also followed their concept.

polaroid camera

Image Credits: Techcrunch

Sony Playstation 2

It’s Sony’s obsession with high-end tech into small and affordable boxes that has made the PlayStation an icon in the gaming industry. Sony was able to market the PlayStation as a powerful game system for individuals that had grown up playing Atari and Nintendo games.

This did help them in driving the original system to meteoric sales, specifically the PlayStation 2’s Guinness record for bestselling console of all time. The success of Sony Playstation 2 also highlights the influence of electronic gadgets on the lives of gamers across the world.

The PS2’s blockbuster sales have certainly increased the scope of gaming to a huge extent. Moreover, the inclusion of a DVD drive has not only helped to strengthen the -youthful format’s place in our front rooms but it has also created a room for today’s consoles being a hub for different kinds of home entertainment.


Image Credits: Techspot

Amazon Kindle

Amazon initially started as an online bookstore. As a result, there is no surprise at all that the Kindle was able to change the way we read. The Kindle has taken over the e-reader market. By 2010, it became the best-selling product in the history of Amazon.com. The amazing features provided by Amazon Kindle have resulted in it being one of the best portable gadgets in Pakistan and all across the world.

As a result, many of its follow-up hardware ventures, such as the Kindle Fire Tablet and Echo home assistant also found massive success. The Kindle also started Amazon’s evolution as a digital media company.

Amazon tablet

Image Credits: Amazon

Sony Walkman

Released in 1979, Sony’s Walkman was the first-ever music player that had integrated simplicity, portability and affordability. Even though vinyl records were still the most popular music format, the Sony Walkman had played much smaller cassettes. Moreover, it was also small enough to fit in a purse or pocket.

The Sony Walkman had also ushered in the phenomena of private space in public created due to the isolating effect of headphones. The Walkman ran on AA batteries. This allowed the device to travel far from power outlets. The Sony Walkman became one of the most successful tech gadgets in Pakistan and other parts of the world also being one of the most influential gadgets ever made.

sony walkman

Image Credits: Zdnet


IBM personal computer 5150

The IBM Personal Computer had been extensively cloned by obscure firms including Dell, Compaq and HP. This created a de facto industry standard. It allowed the personal computer boom of the 1980s and 1990s at a global level. It is a fact that today’s PCs do look very different from the original IBM product. However, the fact can’t be denied that almost everything from Ultrabooks to iMacs does have the PC in its DNA which is one of the most influential gadgets ever made.

personal computer

Image Credits: Wired

Kodak digital camera

Kodak’s digital camera is regarded as a revolutionary product, specifically for photography enthusiasts. The product was invented in 1975 by Steve Sasson, an electrical engineer who worked at Eastman Kodak. The camera used tape instead of the solid-state storage that we use today.

The camera’ resolution maxed out at 10,000 pixels and it looked more like a cassette recorder but it would nonetheless prove to be a revolutionary product. Kodak’s digital camera did prove to be the most influential tech gadgets in Pakistan and all across the world.


Image Credits: Techradar

HP Deskjet

It is a fact that printing devices like HP DeskJet gave computer owners the ability to quietly output graphics and text at an amazing pace. The HP DeskJet was not the first-ever inkjet on the consumer market. It was one of the first printers many PC users bought.

In the next 20 years after the launch of the product, HP was able to sell more than 240 million printers in the DeskJet product line. In this increasingly paperless world, the inkjet’s technology lives on 3-D printers and is one of the most influential gadgets ever invented.

hp jet

Image Credits: iTest

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