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ludo star hack

June 2, 2020 by Zaid Nisar with 0 comments

When Playing Ludo Star How To Always Get A Six, Ludo Star Hack

In Pakistan one of the many games that have gained popularity over the last few years is Ludo. One of the most popular among the games is ludo star, there are many ludo star hacks as well. There are many Pakistanis who have quickly become fond of this game majorly because it helps us to kill our time quickly in times of quarantine.

Majority of the people play Ludo star game online through their gaming phones in Pakistan. Almost every fan of gaming in Pakistan loves to play it with their friends through the Ludo star app, which has been downloaded by millions of people all over the world.

Even though there are many Ludo apps available on the Google Play store but the popularity and success which the app of Ludo star in Pakistan has gained is unmatched with any other Ludo app on the google play store.  In this game there is home pocket which is located in the center of the board and the aim of this game is collect all the tokens which are available in that home pocket.

This game has gained so much popularity and success that currently the gaming phones in Pakistan have seen an increase in sales due to this game. This game is now being loved by everyone more than ever.

This app facilitates its user to play the Ludo game anywhere and with anyone in the world which is why this app is becoming one of the most searched apps on iOS and android Appstore. This game can be played whether you are offline or online and it has been produced by Game Berry, which has been developed by 4 Indians.

Ludo star in Pakistan is played by many people with their friends and families for hours. So do you know which dice is best in Ludo star? While playing this game we always pray that others don’t kill our coins and we wish to try to always get six on our dice.

Even though we always wait and hope to get six on our dice so that we could win the game, however, the probability of getting six on our dice is quite low which we why it’s difficult to get success on Ludo star every time.

In order to always get six on the dice and win every time in the Ludo star, we will show you some useful ludo star hacks which will help you to win the game whenever you play it.

Steps to follow for obtaining Ludo star hacks

In order to consistently get six on your dice in this game, there are some hacks of the game which you need to learn. They are as follows:

  1. The green light which appears on your avatar is the one where you should be putting all your focus on.
  2.  Keep tapping on the dice once the green light gets cleared because this means that one-fourth of the light has passed and now you have to roll the dice.
  3. When the green light has passed the one-fourth part, you will eventually get a six every time whenever you tap on the dice.

This shortcut is actually the best strategy to get a six because this actually works. Even though there are also some other ludo star hacks to always get six on the dice but this one is surely the easiest trick to always get six on the dice. Many Ludo star players use Ludo star cheat code, for example, for 20000 coins the cheat code is J8cB1VHWmk. There is also a Ludo star hack unlimited gems, coins to play even better in the game!

The popularity of Ludo star in Pakistan

Even though various Ludo apps were launched in the past but as time has passed Ludo star has undoubtedly proved to be the best and most popular Ludo game in the whole world. People are surely going to get upset if the app gets down.

Since the day this app has launched, it has been receiving almost 28,000 downloads on a daily basis and it has received around 5 million downloads so far and this fact was updated a few months ago. This has also increased popularity for having gaming phones in Pakistan.

Even though currently this is the best Ludo app when it comes to gaming in Pakistan but as time is passing, new inventions are taking place. As a result, it’s possible that a new Ludo app is launched in the future which could take over the Ludo star app in terms of popularity and success for gaming in Pakistan.

We sincerely hope that these ticks will help you to get six on your dice every time and ultimately will facilitate you in achieving the goal of winning this game every time you play it.

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