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5g technology in pakistan

January 23, 2021 by Samra Nisar with 0 comments

Everything You Need To Know About 5g Technology In Pakistan

What is a 5G network?

Short for Fifth Generation, 5G technology in Pakistan is the latest version of wireless network that has refined the way people work and live generally. It is quicker than the 4G model and handles many more connected devices, not to mention the improvements that enable it to handle an entire array of new tech products. Even though 5G was launched worldwide and in the US back in 2018, it still is in its early stage, having vast scope for growth.

Is 5G dangerous?

A lot of controversies have spurred about the hazards and dangers of 5G technology in Pakistan. People have been skeptical of the rollout, particularly since the timeline overlapped with that of the coronavirus that developed into a global pandemic. Among other reasons, this alone had people believing 5G to be a source of nuisance more so than anything. However, this really is not the case. In order to better understand 5G technology, it is essential to understand how it works.

New radio frequencies are required for 5G signals to run through the network; this automatically requires periodic updating of cell tower equipment in addition to updating radios. Three different types of 5G networks can be built, depending on the wireless carrier’s assets: a mid-band network (that balances both coverage and speed), a high-band network (that has very high speed yet signals remain unable to move across hard surfaces) and a low-band network.

Numerous small cell sites need to be installed by 5G networks in close proximity to each other, to towers, walls, light poles and so on. Therefore, city by city deployment of speedy networks is currently in progress. The end result will be a mix of different kinds of networks offering varying speeds and coverage will be available in every city. Faster 5G networks will be 10x the speed of 4G networks as per wireless network group Global System for Mobile communications Association (GSMA). Actual download speeds, however, are practically determined by network traffic and area/location.

How 5G Benefits Global Transportation

Expected to surpass the 4G technology that introduced ridesharing and disrupted just the taxi market, 5G is going to be anything short of this. It will evidently disrupt the entire global transportation market by paving the way for fully-automated vehicles to be launched soon.

Come to think of it, the heavy data in GBs generated by autonomous cars won’t be handled by existing 4G technologies since it would also incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) technology. However, 5G will be able to handle all this and enable semi-autonomous vehicles, advanced driver-assist programs and refined infotainment systems, becoming the catalyst for the global launch of fully-autonomous cars. There are some tech giants who will provide the network as well in the future.

How will 5G Technology Impact Global Healthcare?

By making the healthcare system more readily accessible to the common man, 5G technology will democratize global healthcare. Let’s say a number of patients need to travel around the world to meet medical experts that are skilled enough to operate on them, but are stuck because they need a lot of money to do that. 5G technology in Pakistan and other parts of the world will drop into their rescue: it will offer a reliable and safer option of performing a virtual robotic surgery supervised by the same specialists they would have met in person.

A successful remote virtual surgery was performed by doctors in China on a patient 1,900 miles away, based on a 5G network. The delay between in the network was just 2 milliseconds, making the virtual surgery almost as smooth as it would have been in person. Using the Internet of Medical Things and 5G technology together, medical technology has now been enabled to monitor real-time patient activity. Nurses can be notified promptly as soon as a connected medical device detects a problem such as blood pressure loss, cardiac arrest or extremely low blood sugar so that they respond just in time.

5G Technology: Industrial Applications

Combine heavy machine-to-machine communication traffic with digital twins and the industrial internet of things and you will be able to comprehend the impact 5G technology has on industrial organizations. The launch of sensors has made conventional manufacturing and production processes smarter.

Integrating all of this is the 5g technology in Pakistan and other parts of the world fosters communication between remote analytic systems and machines, ensuring a physical asset does have a digital twin that gets transformed into a reality. The next generation of product upgrades would then be backed by feed insights, scheduled maintenance periods and optimized performance as the operators get enabled by the digital twin.

The energy sector has distributed energy generation systems such as wind turbines and solar panels, which are growing in popularity compared with huge centralized facilities such as dams. This presents a challenge in terms of balancing the demand across a grid with the power to be supplied. Similar to its performance in the industrial sector, in the energy sector, 5G technology would help this issue thanks to the reliable and rapid connectivity it offers, making balancing more manageable and practical.

The finance and stock market will also benefit from 5G technology. They can receive instant updates on trending news and stock highs and lows during trading time, enabling them to act sooner.

What is the scope of 5G in Pakistan?

While 5G mobile technology does exist in Pakistan currently, 5G network in Pakistan has a long way to go. 5G technology in Pakistan will be launched by December 2022. Recently, a successful 5G video call was made by the Federal IT & Telecomm Minister Mr. Amin-ul-Haque to Beijing in Islamabad, based on a 4G network. It had excellent video and voice quality. 5G mobile price in Pakistan is likely to be on the pricier side since these smartphones don’t fall in the budget category due to their advanced specifications.

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