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encrypted instant messaging apps

January 12, 2021 by Samra Nisar with 0 comments

Top 4 Best Encrypted Instant Messaging Apps For 2021

For users of encrypted instant messaging apps, it is quite common for smartphone users to use different applications. However, there has been a significant increase in the total number of privacy applications available. This is because there has also been an increasing number of encrypted messaging app. All of these applications do aim to protect their users by providing a secure messaging app. However, some private messenger apps in Pakistan and other parts of the world get copies of chat sessions of users. They are saved in the company servers. This could well be exposed as well as published online through the means of a successful hack attack.

To secure the users from their data getting hacked, we provide a list of the top 4 best encrypted instant messaging apps of 2021.


From an instant messaging perspective, Signal is the best privacy-focused application you can go for in 2021. For potential users, it does not specifically collect any information about the users. Moreover, it also provides end-to-end encryption for its users. For the purpose of creating a new profile, it only asks the mobile number of the user. However, that is also linked with the user profile. For the purpose of signal messenger, the phone number also acts as a numeric username. This can also be used for the purpose of generating a private key that can also be utilized for the purpose of account registration and not tracking.

Signal has also been endorsed by Elon Musk, Edward Snowden and various other advocates of privacy/data security. With regards to all of its key features, users can also get one on one chats, groups, video/audio calls and messages and also privacy lock for the purpose of keeping personal messages away from the reach of friends as well as family members. This is also an easy-to-use interface that can help a user to forget WhatsApp and is one of the best encrypted instant messaging apps for smartphone users in Pakistan.


Threema is one of the encrypted instant messaging apps that takes security seriously. It encrypts all essential data including shared files, messages and even status updates. The application does not require an individual to enter any phone number or email address for the creation of a specific account. It also provides a higher level of anonymity for prospective users. Some users feel that WhatsApp not secure for the purpose of data usage.  As a result, Threema is beneficial for them.

The thing that makes Threema one of the best messaging applications is the fact that it is an open source. As a result, it does not log IP addresses or metadata. This also helps in tracking users and also profiling them. However, unlike the applications that have been mentioned above, Threema is not generally a free application. Moreover, it does not provide a free trial for users. Users are required to pay a monthly payment for the facility they provide.


One of the oldest messaging applications for users around the world is Viber. It is also one of the oldest messaging applications that continue to serve to be one of the most prominent instant messaging applications in 2021. All of the messages on Viber have end-to-end encryption similar to WhatsApp encryption. As a result, they can be set on a self-delete mode through the means of a timer. The application also provides a trusted feature of contacts that allows you to verify the identity of the other user through a chat by swapping secret keys. As a result, Viber will also provide you an update if your contact does change their account details.

Similar to WhatsApp encryption, Viber does display your online status. However, you also have an option to disable it if you were ever required to hide it. Users also have an option to hide conversations, disable read receipts and even lock their messages through the means of a PIN code. Viber is one of the best apps in Pakistan for instant messaging. It is a good alternative to WhatsApp as it allows users to make audio as well as video calls to their contacts free of charge.


One of the encrypted instant messaging apps that is almost as well represented among users for instant messaging is Telegram. The encryption methods of this application are not open source. As a result, they have not been audited well by experts of third-party applications. The biggest benefit of this application is that it does it have a slicker interface. It is beneficial for users of secret chat telegram.

In Telegram, end to end encryption Whatsapp similar is not enabled initially. As a result, users are also required for making sure that a secret mode has also been activated before users could have an assurance that another user will not tap further into their communication. Other types of file transfer and chat are also encrypted. However, they are only a part of the journey for various other involved parties.

It is essential to note that telegram does impress in various other essential areas. It has essential features such as chat backups as well as disappearing messages. Users also have an option to make video calls, load their group chats and also use it as a responsive and intuitive when compared with various other private messenger or encrypted messaging applications out there.

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