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5G Technology

February 19, 2020 by Zaid Nisar with 0 comments

3 Tech Giants That Will Provide 5G Technology To Pakistan In The Future

5G is a term used to describe the next generation of mobile networks beyond that operate beyond the usual LTE system. The frequency of 5G technology is divided into millimeter waves, mid-band, and low-band. The 5G millimeter wave is fast, with an actual speed of 1-2 Gb/s below.

Frequency is reaching 72GHz above 24 GHz which is above the lower limit of extremely high frequency.

5G in Pakistan:

In 2019, 5G will be the most commercial test for smartphone operators. There are many types of 5G devices. Mobile routers and CPEs, the two most popular devices that consumers can access, will likely become the most popular devices because it can help AR and VR get rid of the cable network.

The 5G network will highlight the business values ​​of AR and VR and contribute to developing new products. In addition, the 5G network can provide a ten times larger network capacity than the current 4G network so that the network is not a problem for broadband access.

5G mobile routers and 5G CPEs can solve internet capacity, speed and latency problems brought by 4G networks and bring possibilities for wireless 4K HDR TV, video surveillance, 4K live broadcasting and other services.

Here are some of the best companies that support 5g technology in Pakistan:

  1. HUAWEI:

From Huawei’s 5G device development perspective, Huawei will launch a commercial 5G wireless router CPE and then 5G mobile Wi-Fi products. Both these products will provide a good way to verify Huawei’s 5G mobile phone baseband.

Huawei 5G mobile router is very likely to cease 5G’s battle with CPE and 5G wireless portable devices. Huawei has an ITI equipped with 5G CPE Pro 7nm process and Balis 5000 chip. The product also supports 4G, 5G (NSA and SA) network architecture.

Users do not need to change the CPE for any network architecture upgrade. In addition, Huawei 5G CPE Pro supports a large bandwidth of 200MHz. Under 5G modes, it offers download speeds of up to 4 GPS and it is 1.6 Gbps under 4G modes. Where not covered with 5G networks, 4G networks can also provide 8K HD experiences. This is possibly Huawei’s best 5G coverage solution.

In addition, HUAWEI 5G CPE provides a Wi-Fi 6802.11ax solution with a WLAN network peak speed rate of 4.8Gbps so that the Wi-Fi network downlink is no longer a bottleneck. The product features a high gain dual-polarized antenna design, which improves signal strength by up to 30 percent horizontally and vertically.

It can support a ubiquitous service including a smooth 8K video playing experience, high FPS gaming, and more.

Next up is Huawei a 5G mobile product with Wi-Fi support. The product is also built with a 7nm process and is equipped with Balong 5000 chip. Under 5G modes, it offers a peak download rate of 4Gbps, while under normal Internet settings, it will be only 100Mbps. The device also has mobile Wi-Fi support and is a 5G mobile Wi-Fi device. For the business elite, the product can provide high-speed broadband access to their computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other portable smart devices.

At the same time, 5G Smartphones and 5G foldable phones will bring another significant competition to the industry in 2019. Both products require continuous optimization in the network of operators. In this aspect, Huawei has more advantages over Apple and other phone manufacturers as Huawei is with operators from over 170 countries around the world.

What’s more, the author visited the Huawei Beijing R & D Center and was impressed by Huawei’s base stations around the world, as well as a large number of base stations from the machine room. Huawei has made a big investment in it, which other mobile phone manufacturers cannot.

Naturally, Huawei also has advantages in producing 5G mobile phones. Huawei is more competitive in mass production with higher quality and higher standards for its enhanced Smartphone manufacturing capabilities based on its shipment of 200 million units in 2018.

  1. ZONG:

Pakistan’s No. 1 data network, 4G’s pioneer in Pakistan, Zong 4G, is now the first and only telecom operator to successfully test 5G services. By the support of China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC), and 11,000 + 4G towers and 13 million 4G customers, Zong 4G is truly a leader in innovation, and bringing advanced technology and infrastructure.

Now, anyone willing to test 5G will be able to experience the speed of 5G. Whenever 5G is launched in Pakistan, customers of the country’s No.1 data network will be able to experience limitless possibilities, define undefined and explore technology like before.

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5G 3.5GHz, 5G network slicing solution, 5G smart-card use case solution and 6G above 5G with Huawei are shown at Shanghai’s Mobile World Congress, while Zong is about to begin its trials through prototypes developed in China as well.


Samsung brings another flagship phone, the Galaxy Note, which has a range of 10 5Gs. The company is always here to bring something special. If you are a low-budget person and you cannot afford to get a high-end smartphone, the manufacturer will offer a budget smartphone option. But the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G clearly shows that they are eager to produce high-end handsets.

The upcoming smartphone will be powered by one of Samsung’s best-known chipsets called the Galaxy Note 10 5 Snapdragon 855. It is the most reliable chipset available for smartphones in the market. The SoC of Samsung Galaxy Note 5G has a built-in Mali-G76 MP12 which enhances the quality of SoC. In addition, SoC is paired with 12 gigabytes of RAM which would be great for quick execution of multitasking.

The Galaxy Note 10 by Samsung 5G will be packed with 256 gigabytes of internal storage which will be sufficient to store huge amounts of data for a long time. The Samsung Note 10 5G is expected to feature a large 6.3-inch dynamic AMOLED display screen which will give you HD Plus resolution.


Pakistan has successfully operated 5G technology. As per Chairman Zong, Pakistan was the first country to test 5G technology in Asia. The Chinese company had tested the launch of 5G technology successfully. Albeit, it is unknown when the service will be available to users in Pakistan.

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