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February 27, 2021 by Samra Nisar with 0 comments

Top 5 Best Wireless Routers 2021: The best Wi-Fi For Your Home Network

From a technical perspective, there are primarily two types of hardware that can provide internet connectivity to your home. They are modems and routers or wireless routers. Modems directly connect through the internet cables from the outside. They are also responsible for bringing the internet to your home. Even though routers depend on the modem to work, they are a relatively sophisticated piece of hardware. The router modifies your internet protocols (IP), and in doing so allows your internet signal to be broadcast wirelessly to any number of devices.

Wireless routers can be highly essential for the purpose of opening up your home to its full online potential. However, not all wireless routers could be made fully equal. This guide would direct you towards the Top 5 Best wireless routers 2021: The best Wi-Fi for your home network. We’ve done extensive research and testing so you can make an easy, well-informed decision.

TP-Link Archer C7

Within the wireless router sector, it could be fair to say that TP-Link has certainly made a pretty good router for a very modest price. Their Archer C7 provides 1750 Gbps of bandwidth. It provides running dual frequencies that are available at 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz. More bandwidth could mean getting better reach across the house and getting faster internet connections for all of their personal internet requirements. It is also a good Wifi for laptop and smartphone users.

The C7 is also a very cool looking router. The camera also comprises of three antennas that could also be used for purpose of having a much better reception for signals. Some of those antennas can also provide a look for space-age. Apart from having a slick appearance, there tend to be various slick features that could be highly appreciated.

TP-Link has also made it very simple for the purpose of controlling this bandwidth that has been utilized through the means of individual devices directly connected with the router.

Moreover, TP-Link also helps in providing unprecedented access for the internet protocols (IP) that you would be able to dictate how bandwidth has been directed for every device. Another important thing we liked is that there are various connection ports. Four Gigabit Ethernet cables, as well as two USB ports, would make it easy for keeping everyone connected and sharing data.

The processor helps in prioritizing daily internet activities and improvement of the internet experience to a greater extent. This is also a highly capable and productive wireless router and even for an average internet user, this could be highly beneficial. It is also one of the best value for money devices when it comes to Wifi router price in Pakistan.

NetGear AC1750

The NetGear AC1750 is one of the most capable mid-range wireless routers that could do a lot of things right. Just like the TP-Link C7, it provides 1750 Gbps of speed. This is split into 450 Mbps 2.4 GHz and 1300 Mbps 5.0 GHz bandwidth. This also highly resembles the C7 physically. It has three antennae for providing better reception for wireless internet.

One of the most important things that can set NetGear apart from various other wireless routers is its intuitive and user-friendly Genie App. Not only this could result in making installation relatively easy but it could also be used for controlling and monitoring the router and internet access. Those control options are one of its most essential features. Moreover, NetGear also helps in providing WPA/WPA2 security. This is one of the highest standards in WiFi security.

D-Link AC3200

The fact can’t be denied that the AC3200 D-Link is a return for internet users to the more traditional router compared to the last two. It’s a powerful router. The router makes use of six relatively different antennas for having superior performance. This also helps to bring the wireless signal across your home.

The AC3200 provides triple beamforming for providing more reliable performance. One band runs at 600 Mbps at 2.4 GHz. On the other hand, two 5.0 GHz bands provide speeds of nearly 1300 Mbps. Many routers usually have only a single-core processor. However, the AC3200 utilizes a dual-core processor for having superior data management and streaming.

AC SmartConnect technology can help in guiding you towards the best band for superior performance. It is an ideal wifi for home devices of internet users.

Asus RT-AC 5300 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 Router

The ASUS RT-AC5300 has an impressive count of almost eight antennas. It provides nearly 5.3 Gbps of ultra-fast WiFi and coverage of nearly 5000 square feet. This is certainly an impressive feat for users across the world. Similar to various other high-end routers, the RT-5300 is a tri-band router. It streams data one 2.4 GHz and two 5.0 GHz bandwidths.

It is also powered through the means of a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor. Moreover, it has 512 MB of RAM, unusual for a router. This is why it is also one of the best options when it comes to Wifi device price in Pakistan and other parts of the world.

Amazon Eero Pro Mesh Wi-Fi System

There is no doubt in the fact that Amazon’s Eero Pro Mesh Wi-Fi system is one of the best when it comes to a tri-band connection. The Eero Pro can keep speeds that are high even if there is a mesh in place. The third band could also be utilized for the Eero’s link to the mesh network. This leaves one open for devices. Unlike a dual-band router, the Pro is not required for splitting the bandwidth.

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